Minecraft Dungeons: guide to the best equipment sets

Minecraft Dungeons: guide to the best equipment sets
In Minecraft Dungeons there are many weapons, armor and objects, each with different skills and characteristics. This allows the player to try out countless combinations of pieces of equipment to create their favorite set. Let's go and see which are the best depending on the style of game you want to adopt.


The tank is the game style suitable for those who want to create a character that can resist to large amounts of damage, and consequently have time to react to enemy attacks with slow but very powerful attacks. The tank also acts with the aim of attracting the attentions of enemies to itself, to allow its companions to act without danger. For this purpose, the sword is particularly effective, useful to repel groups of enemies with large slits, and the plate armor, which provides an excellent 35% reduction in damage and even 30% of the possibility to cancel the hits of the enemies . The following artifacts perfectly complement this set:

Iron Skin amulet: guarantees an increase in defense Dust Shock: stuns surrounding enemies Fishing Rod: attracts and stuns the closest enemy


This class combines excellent attack statistics with a high speed of movement to create a build that deals enormous damage at the expense of physical resistance, and then quickly moves away when the situation becomes dangerous. The best weapon in this regard is the two-headed ax, which allows you to unleash devastating rotating attacks, the mercenary armor, which provides a 20% bonus to the damages inflicted and a 35% reduction to those suffered, and the bow powerful, which throws deadly darts capable of eliminating most enemy creatures. As for artifacts and amulets, you may find it particularly useful:

Mushroom of Death: increases attack speed and movement Boots of Swiftness: provides a movement speed increase (useful to rapidly escape from a critical situation) Dust, Shock

the Magician

The wizard does a lot of reliance on the use of manufactured goods and, therefore, requires a build that allows to reduce the times of recovery. For this reason, every magician should wear a robe of the summoner, which provides a 25% reduction to the recharge time of artifacts, and a 15% increase in movement speed . The melee weapon is instead at the discretion of the player, how much is it going to be little-used during the game in the role of a magician. Moving on to the artifacts, the following are probably the most useful for this class:

the Medallion of Love: it transforms from one to three monsters to your allies for 10 seconds Within the Corrupted: a powerful beam that damages monsters by consuming the souls Golem: summons an Iron Golem that fights at his side


The healer is a class that should never be missing inside of a group of players, because he has the role of keeping their allies alive through the food supplies, increasing the chances of victory of the whole team. The melee weapon more suited for a healer is definitely the Grace of the Sun, a bat special care allied armor to equip, instead, the wolf, the grace to which the potions used by the wearer also heal the nearby allies. Artifacts to use, also this time determinants as for the magician , are:

the Totem of Regeneration: creates a circular area that takes care of all the players inside Guariscianime: take care of yourself or the ally with the lowest health in exchange for some souls to the Totem of the Shield: creates a shield that provides resistance against enemy attacks


The build of the thief focuses on speed of movement and speed of attack, to create a character that bases its lethal attacks on a mechanism of “ hit and run ”, to inflict damage and then fleeing before the enemy can react, and has a resistance to damage very poor quality.

The thief's perfect equip to daggers, the melee weapon the fastest in the game, the armor of a thief, which provides a 25% bonus to the speed of the melee attacks, and the crossbow rapidly, it, too, can unleash attacks with a high rate of fire.

The artifacts that complement adequately the set are:

Boots of Swiftness Mushroom of Death Mantle Spectrum provides the spectral shape, which allows you to move through the monsters responsible for the damage (very useful to get away from the fighting-dangerous)


The archer is a great classic that is very different from earlier grades as it is the only one that focuses on the usage of the attacks from a distance rather than in melee, staying constantly away from the enemy and the clash body-to-body. The melee weapon is at the discretion of the player , and in this case a simple sword is more than adequate. More cautious should be the choice of armor, with that of the hunter who stands out from all the others due to its bonuses to the number of arrows available, and to the ranged damage done. The ranged weapon is more suitable, the focal point of this class, is the bow to the trick, which allows you to hit multiple targets with a single shot, so it's important to be sure to go to the sign even while on the move. We conclude the archer with the list of the three artifacts from equip:

the Quiver Burning: provides 7 arrows Arrow Explosive: adds in the quiver an arrow which, once thrown, explodes on impact Quiver of Torment: gives arrows through the walls and repel the enemy in exchange for a certain amount of souls To gain the best weapons, do not forget to check out our guide on how to find and get the unique weapons.

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