Call of Duty Warzone: new Italian kill record for the SharkTeam

Call of Duty Warzone: new Italian kill record for the SharkTeam
New Italian kill record for the Savyultras90 SharkTeam. The team, active on the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision Blizzard's battle royale, scored 83 kills in one game. MVP was Captain Savyultras90, able to neutralize 30 enemies on his own.

With the safe that closed just behind the hangars, on the Verdansk map, the SharkTeam set a new Italian record in kill terms during a single game. The previous record was 82 kills. The team consists of Savyultras90, xJustLaBi, pelle981 and _TreKK_EU.

In this record there is also another peculiarity: that is, all the components of the SharkTeam play from Playstation 4. Now all Italian players will be able to challenge the new Savyultras90 record and the SahrkTeam who are also trying to beat the record of Activision's battle royale wins, currently they are over 500.

"This made us certainly very happy, at the beginning of the game we didn't think of making so many kills. At the most we hoped to reach 70 "says Marco Filograsso, aka Savyultras90, the 22 year old from Bari who with 30 kills was also the MVP of the game. "We had a very good start with many kills, but we never thought we would reach the record with 83 kills in Warzone. In any case we don't stop here, we are ready to beat ourselves too."

Here is the record as it is divided among the members of the SharkTeam: 30 savyultras90 23 pelle981 16 xjustlabi 14 _trekk_eu Congratulations to all! Abroad they recorded a staggering 121 kills in a single game.

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