Games with Gold July 2020: WRC 8 to Saints Row 2

Games with Gold July 2020: WRC 8 to Saints Row 2


WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship - Xbox One, from 1st to 31st July Dunk Lords - Xbox One, from 16th July to 15th August Saints Row 2 - Xbox One and Xbox 360, from 1st to 15th July Juju - Xbox and Xbox 360, from 16 to 31 July July 2020 could represent a month of capital importance for Xbox, considering the news that should be coming to the presentation of Xbox Series X organized by Microsoft but which concern a bit all the ecosystem, given the news that will likely also have to do with PC and Xbox One, so we are going to face an exciting period, but this is not properly underlined by the free Games of Gold games for next month. There has been talk for some time of the lack of bite of the titles offered to Xbox Live Gold subscribers and unfortunately even July 2020 is part of the trend often seen lately, with four games that do not belong to the wishlists of a large number of people. . The principle remains that which claims that the donated horse should not be looked at in the mouth, but it is quite evident that Microsoft has somewhat let go of the Games with Gold for some time now, keeping this program going more by inertia than as a real element on which to focus to widen the audience with large-caliber titles.

As we have already said a number of times, it is clear that the attention has shifted totally to the Xbox Game Pass, which is at this point the offer truly missed by Microsoft, and its main weapon in terms of marketing, considering in particular the solution Ultimate, which also includes Xbox Live Gold membership, and therefore completely overlaps the latter. In all this, the Games with Gold going forward, especially for the tradition more than to push the subscriptions to the online features, apart from the fact that their removal would be an option definitely counterproductive to the negative effect that would have on the public. The idea is that it can come out a rescheduling of the offers to push even more on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and perhaps some information in this sense could emerge already this summer, but however, let's see what we can download during the month of arrival. Remember, however, that including the Games with Gold June 2020 , quite interesting, it is still available, Coffee Talk, until July 15.

WRC 8, FIA World Rally Championship - Xbox One, first to 31 July

There is much to say that the racing games are definitely not missing in the catalogue of Games with Gold, and indeed begins to be a curious trend of proposing new exponents of the genre within the program, since we have seen several these last few months. After Project CARS 2 in April, V-Rally 4 in may and let us also TT Isle of Man in February, we are faced with the fourth racing game in about six months between the games that are free to subscribers to Xbox Live Gold, in this case with the WRC 8, FIA World Rally Championship . For fans this is a title very interesting to include in their playroom, in the hand that you have not previously done, as this is the only rally game built from the official license of the FIA World Rally Championship, therefore containing all the cars, drivers and tracks present really in the league with an automobile on the road. There is not much special to say about it: developed by Kylotonn, now specializing in this type of games, delivers a rather convincing that the dynamics of rally racing through the various game modes that also require the use of classic cars, in addition to the presence of variable weather conditions.

Dunk Lords - Xbox One, from 16 July to 15 August

After the confirmation of a true trend, here's something completely new than what we've seen so far between Games with Gold: Dunk Lords is a game of basketball arcade and not are in fact many other games of this kind are in the program, so we welcome it with much curiosity. This is, moreover, an interpretation of the sport in question, rather similar to the old NBA Jam as a spirit and setting in general, but even more extreme, in which the sport that we know it only in a marginal way. As in the classic Acclaim, even here it is a question of confrontations between teams consisting of two players, but here the action is pushed even more to the paroxysm: the main objective is to always make the basket, but in this case it really every means is lawful. We are not only crushed the impossible speed and unrestrained, in the Dunk Lords come into the scene, also special abilities mad, power-ups and real weapons that can completely overturn the situation and transform a sports event into a sort of war unleashed. In practice, the more a fighting game than a the game of basketball: Dunk Lords put in the scene of the battles in which the characters can be upgraded and equipped in various ways to be able to overpower the opponents.

Saints Row 2 - Xbox One and Xbox 360, from the first to the 15th of July

Saints Row was born as a sort of younger brother of GTA, but by second chapter you began to understand that pasta was really, detaching more and more from the bulky footprint of the famous title of Rockstar to continue on a path that would have made progressively more strange, ironic and bizarre. Saints Row 2 , proposed in July, in the Games with Gold version, playable on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, is still an episode of transition, with the story that proves to be particularly over the top, in the telling, once again, the redemption, and the rise to power of the protagonists, but still without the excesses seen in the more recent chapters. The fictitious city of Stilwater, which is the background to the events, it is already a sandbox is particularly extensive and detailed, providing the possibility of raids and actions daring through the 45 missions that make up the history of the second chapter in question. Since this is a series famous, but certainly not to the level of other action in the open world, this can be an excellent opportunity to discover it, bearing in mind that the following chapters have evolved in a style absolutely unique and pretty crazy, but also very charming.

Juju - Xbox and Xbox 360, from 16 to 31 July

Flying Wild Hog is a team known mainly for the return to the scene of the series, the Shadow Warrior, but some years ago, you competed in something distinctly different and yet also very valid, that is, Juju . It is a platformer with elements of the adventure from the setting, very classic, with 3D graphics, but the structure of the game strictly two-dimensional, which looks to the tradition of the genre with the addition of some factor such as puzzles and other features to enrich the level design. The result looks like a game of other times, from the gameplay to the atmosphere, starting from the same characters that seem to emerge from a platform 90: the panda shaman Juju and his faithful lizard Peyo embark on a dangerous journey and mystical, dealing with enemies, platforms and puzzles in order to save her father and the whole world. The style humorous and colorful should not be much deceived: Juju is a title challenging with a rate of considerable challenge, with a look to recognize but the structure of the game is decidedly deep, able to put to the test anyone. Considering how this type of gameplay has become rare recently, the introduction of Juju in the Games with Gold for July is an excellent opportunity to return to jump between platforms, like in the old days, with a good exponent of the genre.

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