Google will pay publishers for the news

Google will pay publishers for the news
It can be called an important day as far as the relations between Google and the publishing world are concerned, not always idyllic, however characterized by the commitment that the company has put in place to support professionals, even recently in the middle of the health crisis and with the now long-lived News Initiative project. The Mountain View team has announced a new licensing program designed to provide financial support to editorial offices. In short, bigG will pay for those involved in the creation and publication of the news, starting with some partnerships signed in Germany (Der Spiegel), Brazil (Diários Associados) and Australia (Schwartz Media).

Google and publishers: an agreement for Germany, Brazil and Australia

The initiative's launch is expected within the year. There is talk of high quality content and an unpublished "news experience" that will allow readers to delve into more complex stories as well as to stay informed about topics of global interest. The rollout will initially concern the three countries already mentioned and then broaden their range of action.

It remains to be seen whether even the smallest editorial offices that often play a fundamental role will benefit from this in the future for local communities. In some cases, the Californian company will put its hand to the wallet to allow users free access to the articles if protected by a paywall.

In recent months, the authorities of France and Australia have spoken on the issue, asking the group of Mountain View (and to other realities such as Facebook) a financial commitment to match the effort necessary for the creation and publication of news . Replication of Google was initially a resounding "no", likening its role to that of a newsstand without which editors and publishers could not reach their audience or otherwise not benefiting from the dynamics that are guaranteed by the indexing on the search engine and on the services connected to it. Similar to the response of the social network , but in the autumn of last year, has announced the debut of the News section on the platform by putting in black and white, will fund directly the work of the team of journalists.

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