The Last Of Us 2: an introduction to photo mode

The Last Of Us 2: an introduction to photo mode


Brief parenthesis on virtual photography Why The Last Of Us 2 is a turning point for virtual photography The characteristics of photo mode What to photograph The Last Of Us 2 has finally entered the market, bringing disarray and renewing interest in a constantly evolving medium. It is undoubtedly one of the highest points touched by this generation, both technically and narratively, which bodes well for what awaits us in the near future, with a new generation just around the corner.

However, with our feet on the ground and we try to enjoy what we can experience right now, that is a landmark of videogame innovation that, willy-nilly, will forever mark the industry.

This " next step "comes from many aspects, but what we want to illustrate at the moment is the use that you can (and can still do) of the game within the field of virtual photography.

this, we decided to analyze the photographic mode of the new Naughty Dog title under different and certain aspects and to summarize its characteristics in this article. Hence our introduction to the photo mode of The Last Of Us 2.

The shots you will see were all captured by the author of the article during the early stages of the game, so they do not present spoilers that can harm to your appreciation of The Last Of Us 2.

Short parenthesis on virtual photography

For the uninitiated, virtual photography is a branch of photography born a few years ago that deals with immortalize through virtually software (culminating in recent times in photo mode) virtually created situations. Obviously, video games immediately proved to be the ideal hunting ground for these experiments, thanks to their variety and freedom of movement in the various scenarios.

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