The Last of Us Part 2: the Naughty Dog game is the best selling on Amazon Italy

The Last of Us Part 2: the Naughty Dog game is the best selling on Amazon Italy
After a long production journey, seven years after the debut of the first adventure of Ellie and Joel for PlayStation 3, The Last of Usa> Part 2 is finally available.

Welcomed with enthusiasm by international critics, the title he offers us a more mature version of the two protagonists, engaged in trying to find their own place in a world still plagued by the effects of the Cordyceps epidemic. In particular, a nineteen-year-old Ellie will have to deal with a sudden event, which will push the girl to direct her steps along a path paved with suffering, violence and a search for revenge.

Like many other gaming communities , even our fans have long waited to find out what the fate of the two characters would have been in The Last of Us Part 2: to testify to this, the excellent results obtained on Amazon Italy. The well-known e-commerce portal qualifies the Naughty Dog game as the best-selling video game at the moment, with the title occupying the first position in its standard edition, but also the fourth place, in the format that includes the steelbook.

For those interested in purchasing, we recommend the following link to Amazon Italy:

The Last of Us Part 2 for PlayStation 4; On the pages of Everyeye, you can obviously find an exhaustive and passionate review of The Last of Us Part 2, edited by our Francesco Fossetti. In addition, Neil Druckmann recently signed a message for players who have been looking forward to the return of Ellie and Joel.

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