PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us II at a super price on Monclick!

PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us II at a super price on Monclick!
We point out a truly essential offer on Monclick, dedicated to all fans of the fantastic world of video games. In these hours, in fact, it is possible to buy the bundle formed by PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us II at a price never seen before, in particular 299.99 euros for the Slim model and reaches 399.99 euros for the Pro variant. In this article you will find all the details before purchasing!

Read also: The Last of Us 2 demolished on Metacritic: freedom of speech is not for everyone The promotion in question, as already said previously , is truly indispensable because it is made up of the best-selling console of the generation and one of the best video games of the generation, exclusive to Sony PlayStation for others. Entering the technical details of PS4 Pro, this console has been designed to guarantee a graphic power superior to the Slim model, with resolution equal to or higher than 1080p and an almost always stable image update frequency.

Playstation 4 Slim, on the other hand, is the thinnest and lightest model in the entire PS4 family. Despite its small size, this machine manages to ensure good performance in any video game, also fully supporting the so-called HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. There is also full compatibility with third-party applications, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other apps dedicated to home entertainment.

brutality will not be a choice The Last of Us II , however, represents a success almost assured for the scuderia, with the PlayStation since its arrival on the market (dated the 19th of June 2020) have already declared as one of the best games of the generation, if not the absolute best. In the review , we have defined this title as “ one of the productions more incredible that the game has ever seen. [...] a dozer that's perfect for the new generation PlayStastion, and at the same time, a symbol of which can and should be one of the roads that will have to go through the game in the future. ”

But let's move to the prices of the two bundles on offer. PlayStation 4 Slim and The Last of Us II are sold at 299,99€, instead of 374,98 euro thanks to a discount of 20%. The bundle of PS4 Pro is available for 399,99€ , compared to a discount of € 84, which corresponds to 17% of its original price. We invite you, finally, follow us on Telegram, in our channel dedicated to the offerings of the technology , hardware , smartphones and chinese products .

"Click here to buy the PlayStation 4 Slim and The Last of Us II on Monclick"

"Click here to buy PlayStation 4 Pro, and The Last of Us II on Monclick"

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