The Monopoly Arcade dedicated to Pac-Man (with mini cabin cruiser included)

The Monopoly Arcade dedicated to Pac-Man (with mini cabin cruiser included)

It is a special version on sale also in Italy: every game from the start a game is played to earn extra points

(Photo: Hasbro) A new special version of Monopoly is also arriving in Italy and the protagonist is the beloved Pac-Man. Much more than a simple cosmetic variant with different street names and pawns, this edition radically changes the game mode by introducing the gem of a small fully functional cabinet.

Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man replaces the money with the points, the classic pawns with a mini Pac-Man and the hotels with game levels to expand more spend the turns. At each step from the start you can use your own currency for a game with the mini cabinet to the original game and depending on the result obtained you will get extra points.

In addition, the cabinet also acts as a digital bank and the coin allows access to their status and for all transactions during the game, therefore for the purchase and sale of the levels and to pay for the passage to the levels of others. There is also a random variable ready to annoy the players or the little blue ghost that is moved on the game board through a special die and that must be avoided.

(Photo: Hasbro) It remains to be understood what happens if you stumble upon the ghost (do you go to prison?) as well as the possibility of stealing someone else's levels mentioned in the announcement. Everything will be revealed at the moment of the imminent launch on the markets, with August 7 which is the release date for Italy, as can also be ascertained by Amazon who ordered the box for 44.76 euros. Another special version called Monopoly Speed ​​was released last March, dedicated to those in a hurry, with games that last just 10 minutes.

In 2020 to celebrate the 40ennale Pac-Man , one of video games most famous of always also the protagonist of captive and often improbable variants . Here are ten curiosity missed on the game and its characters.

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