5G: the discussion between Huawei and Germany

5G: the discussion between Huawei and Germany
Germany will also make a decision regarding Huawei's involvement in setting up the 5G networks. However, he will not do so before the end of the summer break, as previously announced by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Impossible to today make predictions on the nature of the pronouncement, but it cannot be excluded that there is no ban as anticipated last autumn.

Huawei in Germany, decision after the summer break

Several clues point in this direction. First of all the analysts' opinions according to which Deutsche Telekom, the country's main operator, is not a supporter of the ban imposed by the United States. Then the fact that the Chinese company has been operating on German territory for over 15 years with active partnerships that link it to all the most important telcos.

This is the short statement issued to the local newspaper Der Spiegel by David Wang, representative of Chinese society, useful to understand how the goal is to enter into a constructive dialogue with the authorities.

The government's approach to establishing the same strict safety criteria for all is the right way to ensure that networks are protected.

So: same rules, for everyone. However, in the light of what happened first in the United Kingdom and then in France, it does not seem possible at the moment to be excluded. In a relatively short time, Italy too will have to comment on the issue, considering the need not to slow down the rollout of 5G networks, establishing whether operators will be completely free or not to choose the suppliers to rely on for the purchase of the equipment and possibly with what limitations.

Source: Reuters

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