Undercover spies, the movie review

Undercover spies, the movie review
A few days undercover Spies has become part of the Disney + catalog, and it is a film directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. This film boasts the return of Will Smith as a voice actor after 15 years at Shark Tale. To m Holland is one of the other big names to have lent their voices to the characters of the film, together with Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Jumanji) and Masayori Oka (Heroes).

Lance Sterling is the best secret agent in the world, preceded by his fame even among the enemies. But what happens when you join him with a strange nerd with a pigeon as a roommate? Undercover spies is exactly that, a good mix of quirks and action ready to involve you in an adventure full of jokes, pigeons and espionage gadgets full of… glitter!

Spies, gadgets and teamwork

The film opens by introducing us to one of the protagonists of the film: Walter Beckett. The child is a little genius who loves to invent and build gadgets to help and protect his mother in her police work. Although at school he is considered "the strange one", the woman encourages him in this passion of hers without ever scolding him, even when he destroys her cell phone just before going into service.

The scene then moves to 14 years later , thus introducing us to the second protagonist of the film. Lance Sterling, the best most famous American secret agent in the world, who is carrying out a recovery mission. A briefcase - Sterling's target - contains an extremely sophisticated and powerful drone, capable of never turning off and not turning off until it has destroyed its target.

The agent that Sterling is so to fight against what is referred to as the main enemy of the movie: Killan , a mysterious man with a robotic arm. The villain is very clever in the fight, and after scanning the face of the Lance with a sort of bionic eye , tries to escape with the briefcase containing the drone. Sterling, after a fight with a quantity huge of enemies belonging to the Yakuza , unable to reach Killan and to retrieve the briefcase.

Back to the basis of Intelligence, the agent makes the acquaintance of Walter Beckett, who had replaced one of his devices. The child of the beginning of the film has grown and has managed to realize her dream of inventing devices for espionage, despite still being labeled as “that strange”. It is when Sterling discovers that the briefcase is empty and that Internal Affairs want him to stop, having accomplished the crime, who decides to escape by going to the home of Beckett to find a way to redeem himself.

But you will be able to do that by just continuing to reject the team proposed by Walter with all of its wacky devices?

Inspirations and pigeons

Perhaps it is not jumped to the eye of all the spectators that, in the credits at the end of the film, is quoted Lucas Martell as a consultant on the film. Pigeon: Impossible is, in fact, the short film directed and produced by him, which inspired the film of Spies under the cover .

the history of The mini-film is that of Walter Beckett , a young CIA agent who, while walking to Washington, D. C. recovers a briefcase to the mysterious . Stopping to eat a donut on a bench, the agent is targeted by a pigeon who aspires to his snack. The volatile is not at all interested in the poor morsel that's the spear, then decided to attack the man for trying to take your loot. So began an absurd struggle, during which the pigeon ends up trapped inside the case.

The bird, attracted by all the buttons on the inside, begins to press them a bit haphazardly, leading to activate different devices, including a mini-gun and the flying system . The chase continues through the streets of the american town, while the agent Beckett tries to retrieve the briefcase attracting attention of the bird with the donut. In no time, the two become the trigger for a nuclear missile that was hidden inside the Washington Monument , the famous obelisk of the american capital.

of course, the story of the film is not absolutely similar to that of the short film, but there are some elements of Pigeon: Impossible shot in the Spies under the cover . For example, the base of the american Intelligence presented in the film, Disney, is located just below the fountain in front of the Washington Monument and the drone that Sterling should recover has some gadget in the briefcase assaulted by a pigeon. The same Walter Beckett is part of the agency of espionage, while not having the same role as the short.

The animation of the winning house Disney

given the similarities with the film of Martell, you can say, then, that Disney has taken a basic idea and it has taken a good inspiration for their own animated film. Although it has been a great success despite it being released at Christmas – and moving perhaps a bit muted because of the world situation – the film managed to win the Motion Picture Sound Editors for best sound effects editing in an animated film and the Annie Award for best design of the characters in an animated film.

Speaking of characterization, we can see how the two voice actors Will Smith and Tom Holland have provided their physicality and the amounts to the main characters. The ability to centralize attention on the self of the american, and the air constantly, looking a little dazed and out of place in English, you recognize very well, respectively, in Lance Sterling and Walter Beckett.

in View of the popularity – especially among young people – of both Will Smith and Tom Holland, the Disney has also decided to take advantage of their presence. Just like in the other movies then, he inserted some element that is characteristic of the voice actors in the characters in such a way as to make them recognizable at a glance, and by doing so become attached even more viewers to the protagonists.

Despite the animation and the characterization of the characters – even secondary – they are points in favour of it, the story remains a little subdued , and in some moments rather obvious . However, we are talking about an animated film suitable for children, so it's not a something extremely challenging, or that expect big plot twist .

No holes in the plot or slowing down the narrative, but being animated films suitable for children, the language is fairly simple and at times almost childlike. Theodore Shapiro is reconfirmed as a composer suited to the creation of the music for the comedies, by giving the right atmosphere espionage to the film.

In conclusion

the Spies under the cover therefore remains an enjoyable film to watch to pass an evening light and fun . Especially for the little ones, the film is entertaining and with a nice message of acceptance of oneself and of others, wanting to emphasize the importance of helping each other despite the differences.

If you are interested to buy the DVD or BluRay of Lights under the cover , you can find the movie at this link !

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