Fujitsu launches System Inspection Services for hybrid IT environments

Fujitsu launches System Inspection Services for hybrid IT environments
Fujitsu has unveiled two new evaluation services that allow companies to define their reference scenario for data-driven transformation. For a fixed cost, SystemInspection Service solutions leverage newly developed tools and unified analytics capabilities, to map the physical and logical data assets present in the entire hybrid IT environment.

Solutions Fujitsu System Inspection Service obtain a snapshot of existing system elements at the enterprise level, evaluating the degree of preparation for digital transformation. According to the group, the customers who first subject their infrastructure to stress tests are those best positioned to define the roadmap that then allows to achieve true digital transformation.

Fujitsu System Inspection Service for SAP solutions generates a inventory of SAP operating environments creating a global and punctual vision of performance and use of resources. Fujitsu System Inspection Service for Storage provides a centralized view of heterogeneous physical and virtual storage environments, both on-premises and in the cloud.

«The new System Inspection Services complete the existing range of Data Inspection services and System Inspection by expanding the arsenal of tools that Fujitsu customers have at their disposal to identify direct methods useful for achieving better performance by reducing costs - eliminating performance bottlenecks and improving the use of systems »says the company.

"For the companies that own IT environments, ranging from the edge to the data center core to the cloud, even if only to be able to generate a snapshot of your scenario-system represents a formidable challenge. By subjecting the existing infrastructure to a stress test, customers can identify the updates and improvements necessary to proceed with the transformation ".

Marcus Schneider, Head of Product Management-Data Center Product Sales Europe at Fujitsu , said: "IT environments to hybrid rise in the cost and complexity forcing customers to manage specific tools for separate products by vendor different. With the two new services, Fujitsu is dedicated to the IT environment hybrid we are able to provide an overall picture, even in the case of complex installations, which embrace the edge of the network, the core and the cloud".

"The ability of Fujitsu to analyse in an independent way from the hardware entire SAP environments and provide solutions to corrective, end-to-end data center provides our clients with technology roadmaps that can be implemented in the architecture of each environment the"SAP.

The proposed Fujitsu System Inspection Service are part of the portfolio dedicated to hybrid IT, which aims to provide customers with a strategy for the orchestration of the mix of infrastructure on-premise and cloud, both private and public, with the workload distributed environments as edge, core, and cloud. In Italy, the solutions are distributed by FINIX Technology Solutions .

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