Fortnite, where to find the balls in Gattogrill

Fortnite, where to find the balls in Gattogrill
The challenges of Fortnite Week 7 Chapter 2 Season 3 are at the time of writing already available for completion. The new missions are perfectly in line with what you might expect; it goes without saying that some guide is necessary for the least comprehensible or the most difficult. Like: find the balls in Gattogrill, which we will cover in this article.

"Where to find the balls in Gattogrill?" you may legitimately ask yourself. Nothing particularly complex, completing this mission will require just a little patience and a lot of discretion (unlike the others of Week 7). In fact, the Gattogrill is always full of enemies, in addition to simple henchmen controlled by artificial intelligence. Among other things, there is Kit, complete with a mythical weapon (impulse grenade launcher).

The Gattogrill is located south of the Pacific Park and further east of Brughiere Brumose: it is a suitable place in the south- east of the Epic Games game map. Once you arrive on site you will have to specifically search for the various balls of yarn hidden in the surrounding area, then interact with them (Square button on DualShock 4).

Below we present a practical video that shows everyone's position the balls of yarn, follow it step by step and you won't have any problem. If you need, comment on the article, and we will come back to help you.

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