Ghost Of Tsushima: a journey through images

Ghost Of Tsushima: a journey through images


Beware of spoilers The border The arena The duel After a short break, the section that combines images and words returns to tell an hour of our experience in a game world.

The protagonist this time is Ghost Of Tsushima, the latest Sony exclusive to be landed on PlayStation 4.

Let's go into this journey through images.

Beware of spoilers

The following article contains minor visual spoilers. Therefore, if you want to explore Ghost Of Tsushima in depth without having any kind of anticipation, we advise you to continue reading only if you have passed Act 1.

The border

A delicate breeze moves the thin blades of grass. Their sinuous movement animates the whole field; it almost seems to change into the sea. If it were not for the different color, it would be confused with the impetuous waves that stand out on the beach.

In the distance, a pillar of honor is surrounded by a thin layer of fog and some herons. One of them moves and focuses our gaze on a lifeless body, slumped on the ground, charred. The tree behind it, whose sparse branches are shaken by the wind, contrasts with its stillness.

Some seagulls move away from the coast towards the hinterland. A storm is approaching. We get Jin to call his horse and ride quietly in the saddle.

The sky darkens more and more as we head towards the troubled waters of the Sea of ​​Japan. The wind is against us, but despite this, we continue to urge our steed along the coastal area.

We are approaching an estuary. The horse's hooves are submerged by the mixture of waters that flood the area. Between a stop on dry land and a quick gallop to cross the waterways, we notice the distance of the banners that dance together with the wind, which rose suddenly.

The arena

We get closer to the signs. Some stakes of wood, eroded by the water brackish and sea currents, as well as wrapped in moss, are placed in a circle, as if to mark a limit. Inside the circle we see a standing figure, in the head with a wide brimmed straw hat so shabby it has become not just a mere accessory aesthetic.

We from the horse. The fog is raised to such a point be reached to cover the knees of Jin. We go beyond the boundaries of the arena. The man exhorts us to draw near, informing us that a ronin is willing to redeem the bounty on our head. The warrior begins to walk, and it commands us to prepare....

As in the best traditions duellistiche, the two opponents are positioned one facing the other, waiting to draw swords. The glances cross; the blades clash during their slow journey out of the koshirae; the wind moves gently with the tissues, carrying with itself a small bamboo leaves and some debris coming from the beach, lying by the tide on the smooth coast.

The battle

The cry of the ronin pierces the air while it is preparing to attack us with all its fury. Quickly, schiviamo his powerful shot, but a kick lightning takes us unawares, causing us to stagger slightly.

the new-Found stability, pariamo just in time a blow with speed. Our readiness is rewarded with the chance to attack the opponent with two devastating blows of the Shape of the stone , ideal against the swordsmen as this ronin.

In the heat of the moment, sferriamo a further blow, but the challenger avoids with great agility. With the sides exposed, the ronin has the ability to hit us with ease. In fact, two slices of almost invisible, they take away almost all of his life, that we recover, thanks in part to a determination.

The fog is getting more dense. The light of the sun struggling to filter out. The world seems to have lost its colour. The ronin sought again on us with a series of shots lightening fast. We can parry the first so awkward, but thanks to the last disintegriamo the stability of the opponent, allowing us to infer a fendete unstoppable. Lurching, the ronin is unable to defend themselves against the river of sword breaking on him.

Bloody, tired and afraid, the ronin will go back a few steps. It seems to be surrendered, but in a moment is again upon us. Unstoppable, the ronin continues to attack relentlessly. We can parry barely blows, inflicted with fury and inhuman.

In a short time, the enemy will penetrate our defence and unleash a series of sword deadly, that bring us to the brink.

The ronin, convinced he had the victory in our hands, concentrates all of his strength to unleash one last, devastating attack. The blade cuts through the air, hissing, carried by the wind.

At the last moment, and we move on the side with a dodge; the blade in his fist. With a decisive stroke from the surgical precision, we sink the katana into the flesh of the ronin, and the extract quickly.

life, leaving a dark space in the eyes of the warrior, who falls to the ground, lifeless. The blood mixes with the mud of the estuary, flowing in the troubled waters that lead down to the sea.

Jin puts it delicately with his weapon in its sheath and walks away in the fog, more and more high, more and more hugging.

We arrived at the end of this trip, for the pictures inside the world of the Ghost Of Tsushima . We hope that this account of our experience of the game you enjoyed and, perhaps, inspire you to try the title with the hand.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and, as always, feel free to share with us your shots.

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