Fans | The best of August 2020

Fans | The best of August 2020
Even July has passed, and with it we had the first real taste of summer temperatures. To avoid being buried by the heat, we thought of offering you our selection of the best fans. In recent days we have already told you about other solutions designed to bring coolness and freshness such as our selection of portable air conditioners or coolers, but let's not forget of course the increasingly popular solution, fans.

The solution to low cost to combat the heat, the fan is a versatile tool that is well suited to the most varied locations, such as houses, gyms or workplaces and thanks to the simple functions they will accompany you for many summer seasons. There are also models that with their additional modalities arrive at higher prices, but our range of solutions deals with all types of fans, from the simplest to the most advanced ones with nebulizers or purifying filters. We want to offer you solutions that can only improve your daily life, offering powerful and versatile solutions, which always keep consumption and noise low.

Make yourself comfortable then, get ready to take notes and get help from our selection of products. Ready? Happy reading and happy shopping!

our products

Ardes Penny Fan Pro Breeze 4Umor Aigostar clover Rowenta Eole Endless Aigostar Forest Mist Zephir ZBF03CM Klarstein Silent Storm Fan MVPower Dyson Also Cool

Ardes Penny

With its simplicity and with its amazingly low price , we could not begin this selection with the fan Ardes Penny . The head tilt and oscillation adjustable features of this machine and thanks to the innovative blade banana 40cm air flow moved is optimized, so as to ensure further comfort. With a floor lamp that reaches up to 120 cm in height and has a round base, l’ Ardes Penny ensures safety and stability maximum in the minimum space.

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Fan Pro Breeze

The fan made by Pro Breeze is able to unleash a great power from the engine 55 W for the rotation of the fan 40 cm , with the particular blades in ABS, that produce a flow of cooled air remarkable. With 4 modes of operation, including a silent and a night, you can set for each mode, 3 fan speed, so as to respond to any need. Check this fan is very easy, thanks to the LED display and the handy remote control, that allow you to have total control on the various functions, such as that of the built-in timer, to program the turn off up to 7.5 hours .

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The elegant fan 4Umor in addition to being a decorative element characteristic, it is also a great tool that can work effectively and quietly, which guarantees freshness in the surrounding environments. At its maximum power, that is 24W, equivalent to 5.8 m/s , the air arrives at a distance of 8m and is able to cool even larger rooms. In addition, the 4Umor is equipped with a wall-mounted luminaire with LED display that lights up according to ambient light, and through the ECO technology helps to automatically adjust speed and temperature.

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Aigostar Clover

this is Definitely the most chrome this selection of products, but not for this you have to be fooled by his eccentric appearance, in fact the power of its engine is able to generate winds strong and determined . With its three speed Aigostar Clover is able to meet all of your needs, in fact, thanks to its power is the tool that is perfectly suited to home use, in gyms or offices. Easy to install and safe to make use of this fan is equipped with non-slip feet and a convenient system of winding of the cable, to avoid further clutter.

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Rowenta Eole Infinite

If you are looking for the solution that will allow you to have fresh, cool style , the Rowenta Eole Infinite is the solution you've been looking for, proving the optimum combination of elegance, convenience and performance. This tower fan is one meter high and is light and easy to position in any room, it is also equipped with an electronic control panel that allows you to adjust a number of settings, and is able to provide incredible coverage thanks to its swing to 180°. The Rowenta Eole Infinite is also equipped with a winding system of the cable auto , which, once detached from the plug, fit comfortably in the tower.

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Aigostar Forest Mist

L' Aigostar Forest Mist is a fan multifunctional , can work as an air purifier, in fact, with the mode, And-Ion , which does not need the fan to function, it releases negative ions that create a fresh environment. You can also use it as a humidifier, and with an integrated reservoir of 1.8 l is able to unleash 140ml/h of atomization , recreating the characteristic atmosphere of the forests. Equipped with a timer for up to 8 hours , this fan is able to oscillate to the left and right, but also up and down, coming to cover a large area of the environment.

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Zephir ZBF03CM

If you are looking for a fan powerful, that is able to be mounted on the wall, the Zephir ZBF03CM is what you were looking for! With its front grille composed of fins curved is able to send the jet of air moved in all directions in a homogeneous manner, but its salient feature lies in the fact that it can be oriented to 90° to the horizontal plane ! The fan motor Zephir generates a power of 50W and 3 types of speed, proving to be a fan extremely versatile and functional .

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Klarstein Silent Storm

As the name suggests, the Klarstein Silent Storm is a fan's very silent , can generate only 32 dB noise level at minimum speed, all while maintaining a fresh wind thanks to the five blades and 12 speed . Between 5 different operating modes stand out the that simulates the natural wind, a night mode that can automatically shut-off by an adjustable timer up to 12 hours, and a comfort that allows the fan to activate only once exceeded 20°C. All these functions are controlled through simple commands placed near an LCD screen , or directly from the remote control .

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Fan MVPower

it Was impossible to let out from our selection of fans and a table fan like the one created by MVPower, which through its structure in chrome metal is ideal to solve the problem of heat without taking up too much space.Thanks to its small size, 34.5 x 24 x 42 cm, this fan is easy to carry and is a perfect solution for the home as for the office, thanks to its retro design but at the same time safe and functional. With 3 speeds to choose from, and a motor 35Watt, this fan is capable of reaching 1,300 revolutions per minute, all the while remaining firmly on the surface and without generating too much vibration.

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Dyson Also Cool

let's Close this selection with the Dyson as Well Cool , the purifier and fan with the ability to rotate 360° is able to send air throughout the room. Thanks to its filtering system, sealed carbon filters , is able to remove the gas, and HEPA filter captures 99.5% of allergens, microscopic pollutants, reporting real-time air quality. Also thanks to the night mode , the noise and the light emitted by the Dyson as Well Cool down, and with the possibility to connect to the application Dyson the Link you can see all the results of the survey, and settings easily from your smartphone.

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