With the Mac OS 8 emulator you can dive back in the 90s

With the Mac OS 8 emulator you can dive back in the 90s

There are also versions of the era of Photoshop and Premiere: the free app works on Windows, Mac and Linux

(Photo: Felix Rieseberg) To travel through time in the consumer computing of the 90s just a quick download and in a few moments you can relive the experience of using a glorious Macintosh. To be precise, the Quadra 900 model with Motorola processor. Thanks to the developer Felix Rieseberg, who after having already created a Windows 95 emulator app two years ago, is back with another gem like the Mac Os 8 emulator.

Presented July 22, 1997 , Mac Os 8 introduced numerous innovations such as multi threading (i.e. multiple processes processed simultaneously), the Finder which then has become a constant so far, improvements on the management of virtual memory and the three-dimensional platinum theme. Its latest update was Mac Os 8.6 of May 10, 1999 which dealt with the concept of multitasking in more depth.

Rieseberg, who works for Slack, has packaged the Mac OS 8 emulator app so as to work anywhere from current computers with macOS to those with Windows or Linux. The package is freely downloadable from GitHub and uses JavaScript technology by reproducing version 8.1.

I put an entire 1991 Macintosh Quadra with Mac OS 8.1 into an Electron app, together with a bunch of apps and games. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux ... and JavaScript. Again: I'm sorry.

Go grab it here: https://t.co/JUw798dRcS pic.twitter.com/p3AR2dyx5r

- Felix Rieseberg (@felixrieseberg) July 28, 2020

in Addition to the operating system perfectly working, you are on board some of the software pre-loaded and equally exploitable. Shine in two Adobe programs, i.e. Photoshop 3 photo-editing software and Premiere 4 for editing video , but you can also take advantage of Illustrator 5.5 for the vector graphics, StuffIt Expander to unpack the file, and finally the kit to build web pages that was made available by Apple.

Finally, you can have fun with various video games such as Duke Nukem 3D , Civilization II , Dungeons & Dragons , Oregon Trail , Alley 19 Bowling and Damage Incorporated , who were present inside of a demo cd of MacWorld 1997.

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