Resident Evil Village also in VR: details on environments, bosses and enemies

Resident Evil Village also in VR: details on environments, bosses and enemies
Resident Evil Village is the protagonist of another alleged leak, with a series of details that have emerged in recent hours and concerning the VR mode and information on settings, bosses, enemies, weapons and more, although as always it is rumors , although the source has proven reliable in the past.

Information always comes from Rely on Horror, which has recently become a collection point for information regarding Resident Evil Village, largely confirmed by the announcement and from the trailer shown during the PS5 presentation event, so for this we take them into consideration, albeit with a thousand precautions. These are details that emerged from a playtest in which some users took part, who then spread the information, or at least so reports the site.

They are all very vague information and without narrative characteristics of great weight, in each case there are descriptions on some settings and a boss fight that can still represent spoilers for the most sensitive to antipactions.

As for the enemies, the piece refers to those present in a certain area tested by some insiders , with creatures that look pale, with almost rotten skin, with tattoos on the forehead and hands and some with some form of armor that can be removed by hitting them. They speak a strange language and some carry weapons such as swords, axes and spears, they can jump, grab and bite in addition to attacking with weapons and they can throw the protagonist on the ground, the classic sequences with button mashing are also provided to extricate themselves from the holds.

These enemies are found in a sequence that takes place in the large castle that overlooks the vicinity of the village, with dark environments and with some puzzles, such as the need to find keys to advance.

In the playtest, was also in the fight against a boss, which seems to correspond to the characteristics of "the witch" already referred to above, a persistent presence throughout the game, able to transform into a swarm of insects, appear and disappear with an eerie laugh. This character apparently is called Olga, and the meeting within a room of the castle engages in a boss fight.

In this, players must collect a torch and use it to keep away insects and so discover Olga and hit her, after a few shots this transforms further into a sort of gigantic insect half-human, particularly challenging to take down. The fighting concluded the demo proven in the playtest.

As weapons in the demo it was possible to use a gun, a shotgun and a dagger (apparently not subject to deterioration), while some objects taken from the surrounding environment can be used for melee attacks.

The mysterious old lady that is also seen in the trailer for Resident Evil Village would not be an enemy but an NPC type of merchant from which to purchase or sell objects, as well as to obtain useful information, something similar to the mythical merchant of Resident Evil 4, probably. In this regard, the game contains a currency, internal, money that is needed to purchase weapons, upgrades and ammo.

Finally, there appears to be a confirmation (but always absolutely not official) that the game is arriving in virtual reality, probably once again on the PlayStation VR , because we are talking about an ad, "when will Sony be ready", what that ago to think to a possible link with PSVR 2 , if it exists.

From the demo it also seems clear that the game is still fully in progress, in view of the absence of some of the elements replaced by the placeholder, even if it is difficult to confirm the idea that development is 60% , as reported in the past. For the rest, there are no confirmations about the arrival of the next trailer in August, as reported yesterday, but we're waiting for any developments.


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