Acer, extra discounts for a weekend of bargains

Acer, extra discounts for a weekend of bargains
Last hours to take advantage of it: this is the last day to seize the big discounts that Acer has put on the plate for the month of July, where you can find discounted units of even € 300. To see the whole catalog the page is this. Here, however, we offer a brief overview of the available offers, so that the caliber of these offers is immediately understandable.

No wonder the "Santa Claus" used because the idea is this : "Christmas" offers in the height of summer, to face such a complex vintage in which the idea of ​​smart working and that of back to school are already dominating the plans for the autumn.

Acer, all the discounts

These are the most attractive laptops still available in the last few hours of discount (where every offer is subject to the rule that the product remains accessible while stocks last):

Acer Nitro 5, 1299.00 € (-300 €) Predator Helios 300, 1799 € (-300 €) Acer Swift 3, 1099 € (-200 €) Acer Switch 3 2-in-1, 499 € (-100 € ) Acer Swift 5 ultras October, 1199 € (-200 €) Acer Aspire 5, 899 € (-100 €)

The opportunity in these hours is however double: using the WEEKEND15 discount code during the payment phase you can get a cut 15% off the price, thus reaching an even more interesting opportunity.

Beware of the deadline, however: these opportunities will only be jointly accessible until this evening, after which it will probably be necessary to wait for the hypothetical end of year offers. The 15% discount will continue for the entire weekend.

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