PS4 August 2020, the best games of the month

PS4 August 2020, the best games of the month


West of Dead Fast & Furious Crossroads Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Project CARS 3 Wasteland 3 Other games to be released in August 2020 The month of August 2020 decided to surprise PS4 owners with a great deal number of rather interesting and expected games, able to offer particularly varied and promising experiences.

From the arcade football games of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions to the strategic RPG gameplay of Wasteland 3, passing through the fascinating atmospheres of the roguelite West of Dead and for two different types of car races, the absurd and spectacular ones of Fast & Furious Crossroads and the rigorous and engaging ones of Project CARS 3, we will really have a lot to play in these weeks.

West of Dead

Released on August 5

Upstream Arcade's fascinating roguelite puts us in the shoes of William Mason, a gunslinger who died and ended up in a sort of purgatory full of pitfalls and enemies, from which to defend yourself with gunshots. Played by Ron Perlman, the protagonist of the adventure has turned into a kind of specter with a fiery skull, a spirit of revenge that will find peace only after discovering the truth about its assassination.

The gameplay of West of Dead is based on the exploration of always different dungeons, generated by a procedural system, and on the elimination of all the opponents inside the rooms, through tantalizing and demanding cover shooter mechanics, which will become more accessible only after obtaining more pistols powerful and new abilities.

Fast & Furious Crossroads

Released on August 7th

we have a film franchise extremely well known, on the other, a tie-in developed by the expert hands of Slightly Mad Studios , but with little conviction. What could ever go wrong? We'll find out in a few days, when Fast & Furious, Crossroads will finally debut on PC and console, devoid, unfortunately, of the thrust of the media of the new chapter of the saga, which will be out in cinemas has been postponed due to a health emergency.

In the game we can put behind the wheel of vehicles extraordinarily powerful and control iconic characters such as Dom, Letty, Roman, engaged in a campaign narrative that incorporates some of the most spectacular sequences of the film the Fast and the Furious , translating them on the screen with a rigorous approach to the arcade genre racing.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the New Champions

In the output on the 28th of August

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the New Champions marked the return of the legendary anime Holly & Benji with a tie-in that promises the big show, and that fans of the series created by Yoichi Takahashi will not miss the chance. Set as a football game from the arcade, the experience proposed by Bandai Namco provides us with so many characters and teams present in the cartoon, inside of a full-bodied story mode that covers the events.

The mechanical the traditional of the genre, alongside the inevitable special moves, which characterize each of the protagonists and that, turn every game into an event that is unpredictable, whose fate can change from one moment to the other.

Project CARS 3

In the output on the 28th of August

the Third episode of the famous series by Slightly Mad Studios, Project CARS 3 aims to offer a greater number of contents in terms of the mode but also the cars and tracks, special events and, of course, a career-wide and full-bodied, that can keep us busy for a long time. In this regard, we will have to do with a progression system definitely multi-faceted, with ten different classes of vehicles at our disposal.

To grow in the game we will not have to simply cross the finish line first, but also pay attention to the achievement, once unlocked, will allow us to get a good bit of experience points in extra-time. This plant will add several new features and improvements, such as, for example, yield more precise commands via the controller, and a system of tuning even more detailed and fun.

Wasteland 3

In the output on the 28th of August

The saga RPG post-apocalyptic InXile Entertainment makes its return with Wasteland 3 , placing in our hands not only the fate of the Colorado but also Arizona: at the command of a regiment of rangers, we will have to try to defend both areas from the attack of the three warriors of blood and their troops, in the context of a strategic gameplay of great depth.

the fighting in The game take place in fact according to a strict system of turns between action points, equipment, and different covers, but beyond this aspect of the experience of the Wasteland 3 can also count on a rich exploratory phase and, of course, on the mechanical RPG that govern dialogues, choices and their inevitable consequences.

Other games output in August 2020

Fall Guys: the Ultimate Knockout , out on 4 August Relicta , out August 4, EA Sports UFC 4 , out August 14, Pathfinder: the Vault , the output 18 August PGA Tour 2K21 , the output 18 August No Straight Roads , out on the 25th of August Street Power Football , out August 25 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition , out on August 27, Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars , out August 28 Madden NFL 21 , out 28 August Windbound , out 28 August

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