CS ITALIA and UPC collaborate for the launch of the Origin: Minor League Championship!

CS ITALIA and UPC collaborate for the launch of the Origin: Minor League Championship!
CS ITALIA is pleased to announce and present a League of Legends tournament, conceived and created by the guys of UnderPowered Crew (UPC)!

It's good to go in order, so let's start with the most important things!

What is UPC?

An exclusive community reserved for those who intend to bring healthy entertainment, quality content and moments of epicity.

Their goal is to give space to emerging streamers in Italy to offer activities which he sees as the real protagonists!

In front of their project, we at CS ITALIA can only give them support and support, so .. what project are we talking about?

Origin is the first of a long series of League of Legends 5vs5 tournaments, featuring exclusive rules and original modalities.

Among the participants of their activities (as already mentioned) numerous streamers are present and will be involved, based on the game and the elos chosen for the current editions!

The first launch tournament it will be the Minor League Championship (reserved for players from Silver III to Gold II)

BUT BEWARE! The event is not only exclusive to streamers but you can also participate!

How? Easy! just sign up through this link!

When will the tournament take place?

The start is scheduled for Tuesday 4 August and the various stages of the tournament will be played throughout the week on the UPC Twitch channel!


Tuesday 4 August at 21:00

Wednesday 5 August at 21:00

Thursday 6 August at 21:00

Friday 7 August at 21:00


Monday 10 August at 18:00


Tuesday 11 August at 21: 00

How does the tournament work?

Unlike classic tournaments, the Minor League Championship has its own scoring system!

.. The winner is the player who destroys the Nexus, but the one who gets the most points ..!

In that sense, you ask?


Via this link you can view the entire ratings system!

One more space to the guests!

For now, the streamer invited to the tournament are:

Ramona “ Mona Schön” , 22 years old and and is of Messina. Streamer but also a cosplayer with a format based mostly on the gameplay of League of Legends and Valorant!

Where to find it:



PS: you remember her eeeeeh!?


Where to find us:



NuvolaMonny or, more simply, Cloud!

In the life of a student of the university, spends his free time at the stream!

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Last modified: July 30, 2020

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