Chrome, integrated password control

Chrome, integrated password control
Anyone who uses password-control extensions on Chrome could see a warning in these hours that reads as follows:

Now that Password Control is integrated into Chrome, on August 31, 2020 we will withdraw the Password Control extension. After this date, the Password Check extension will be disabled and will no longer report whether a username or password has been exposed due to a data breach. To continue receiving alerts, users will need to sign in to Chrome. Users should also ensure that Chrome is up to date and that the security setting "Receive a warning if passwords are exposed due to a data breach" is enabled (default, if it hasn't been changed previously).

So Chrome checks passwords

This is a utility warning, as it allows you to delete an extension to let Chrome do its own role previously played by elements that had to be installed spontaneously will.

These extensions allow you to check the passwords entered on the various online services and to compare them with lists of leaks that emerged in the previous months. If a match is found, it is reported and the password is marked as insecure, thus advising the user to change it by virtue of the fact that the account could be fragile and violated.

From now on, in short, the Password Checkup from extension will no longer be needed: to monitor your pass you can go directly to the site and carry out the authorized scan in search of matches. What used to be an appendix is ​​now an integrated service: the extension can be removed.

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