Best cheap bluetooth speakers

Best cheap bluetooth speakers
The market for bluetooth speakers is so vast that we could almost say: "tell me which model you use and I'll tell you who you are." Today as today, in fact, a bluetooth speaker perfectly reflects the owner's character, between those who prefer it small and discreet to use in the office and those who prefer a more powerful and colorful version for the home, without of course forgetting outdoor enthusiasts who, not wanting to give up some music, could opt for light, but resistant and waterproof devices.

Read also: Portable Bluetooth speakers | The best of May 2020 As mentioned, the choice is very wide and since we imagine it is difficult, for many of you, to orientate yourself adequately in this world of alternatives, we set to work by drawing up what is our list containing the 10 best speakers cheap bluetooth, thus opting for entry level products within everyone's reach, even those who - after all - do not have great demands in the acoustic field. In selecting them, therefore, we have not only based on the price, remaining below 50 €, but also comparing the numerous main features, so that we can offer you a complete list that can also include specific needs, such as that relating to the smallest product. , the best waterproof or simply the most powerful. A complete and smart list that, we are sure, will be very useful for you to choose the best purchase for your needs.

the 10 best speakers bluetooth economic

The smallest: EWA A106 The most economical ZoeeTree S1 Best quality/price with SD slot: Anker AK-A3101111 Waterproof: JBL GO 2 Many low: W-King D8 With RGB Led: SoundCore Flare Mini Autonomy 24h: Anker SoundCore 2 Indestructible: Tronsmart Groove Perfect for the Shower: TaoTronics SK03 Pure Power: Tronsmart Eu MEGA

The smallest: EWA A106

The mini speaker EWA A106 may be small , but is capable of releasing a clear sound with bass remarkable and intense, by using a player for high-performance and a passive subwoofer . Available in black and silver , this is a powerful speaker, but from the small size, it weighs 177 g and it is great 4.8 x 4.8 x 4.1 cm . To maximize the efficiency has been reduced by the presence of keys superfluous , and in fact there is only one with which you perform all the functions. The EWA A106 is equipped with a hook and a housing , which together with its water resistance certified IP6 , making it the perfect solution for use in sport applications .

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The most economical ZoeeTree S1

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution but one that can maintain high sound quality, the case ZoeeTree S1 is the solution you've been looking for. With two audio driver precision integrated that provide excellent stereo sound, the sounds are played in a way that is clear, with powerful bass and no distortion, even to the tone of high volume, thanks to two speakers (3W each) more powerful than its competitors. This case is also equipped with integrated FM radio and support TF card/USB flash drive to the circumstances offline, and forwards it has a bluetooth connection 5.0 fast and stable, with a built-in microphone becomes very useful during the hands-free phone calls. The rechargeable battery 1,800 mAh port the autonomy of the ZoeeTree about 8 hours, so you have plenty of time in the company of our favourite music.

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the Best quality/price with SD slot: Mifa A1 BKJ

don't be fooled by the small size and weight of this device, we are facing an excellent product from many facets, in fact, with its 8.5 x 4.6 x 8.6 cm and only 175 g in weight, the Mifa A1 BKJ is able to emit a quality sound with bass amplified thanks to the driver (5W), while the DSP chip-the 3D and the dual-amplifier class G offer an experience of sound is incredibly high. This case is also water resistant to powder with a certification of water resistance IP56, which protects the charger, the 3.5 mm audio input and the slot for the microSD , so you can listen to music even without connect to any device. If you are looking for the right compromise between quality and price, you can not let escape the Mifa A1 BKJ .

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Waterproof: JBL GO 2

Compact, portable, but, above all, waterproof, the JBL GO 2 is, between the speakers and bluetooth, the perfect choice for anyone who loves to listen to music almost exclusively outside the home, on the beach or in the shower, without having to worry about splashes or drops of water , so much so that due to its outer waterproof certified to IPX7 , this case is able to stay immersed in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes ! JBL GO 2 is fitted with a battery 730 mAh battery, which employs about 2.5 hours to fully charge, and offers a range of no less than 5h of play . Among the economic ones, is also one of the few to offer a convenient built-in microphone with function of noise cancelling, which is useful for hands-free calls crystal-clear, as well as an AUX input for use even without a wireless connection.

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Many Low: W-King D8

If you are looking for low super powerful , then you can not miss the W-King on D8 , that will help you to feel the music as in the night. In fact, thanks to its 50W of output power, and its system of acoustic transmission 2.2, this speaker can offer audio and sound is crisp and crystal clear quality thanks to its 2 drivers for full-range speakers, 2 subwoofer passive laterally, and, finally, 2 tweeters to optimize the high. As if that was not enough, the features already listed, the W-King on D8 is also capable of charging devices that are connected, thanks to the p owerbank 8,000 mAh battery , coming to ensure the longevity of its battery, in addition to more than 24 hours of use. Its elegant but at the same time robust outer shell gives the device a strong resistance to shock, dust, water and sand, thanks to a certification of water-resistance IP6.

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With RGB LED: Soundcore Flare Mini

The SoundCore Flare Mini is a delight both for the eyes and the ears. With the double driver to back-to-back, and the speakers of low expense, it offers a sound that is intense, with a spread of 360°. Its true particularity? This device is equipped with a radial pattern of LED lights that you turn on and change in time to the music, offering for the other 5 modes of lighting . The coating gives the Flare Mini a water resistance of type, IPX7 , and makes it capable of complete immersion in water. Thanks to the li-ion battery, high efficiency , the autonomy of the Flare Mini is around 12 hours of music and light button by making a single charge. Opportunity not to be missed for those who want to have a party with him !

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Autonomy 24h: Anker SoundCore 2

With a sound that was nothing short of extraordinary, the cash SoundCore 2 is equipped with technology BassUp to keep one audio spectrum, broad and balanced. The extraordinary thing is that, despite the great quality of the reproduction, it is one of the very few devices cheap to ensure that you have a range of no less than 24 hours of playback with a single charge thanks to the excellent battery li-ion 5.200 mAh . As if all this were not enough, it can keep the connection up to about 20 metres, equipped with protection IPX7 and “compressed” in size really small, just 165 mm × 54 mm × 45 mm.

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Indestructible: Tronsmart Groove

Tronsmart Groove is the dream for lovers of extreme sports, or anyone who wants to move in with their own cash without having too worry that this could break. Certified IPX7 , its waterproof protection, and is effectively resistant to rain, dust, snow, Tronsmart Groove is covered by a solid rubberized coating and has 4 supports for shock absorption, which give to the structure a great resistance to falls and accidental damage. As if that wasn't enough an excellent build quality, this device is also able to provide 24-hour continuous music without breaks thanks to its great battery of 2,500 mAh , and is equipped with input jack 3.5 mm, micro SD card slot for you to listen to music any which way you like.

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Perfect for a shower: TaoTronics SK03

With the TaoTronics SK03 , singing in the shower will never be the same! This case shower bluetooth is capable of playing high-quality audio after it connects quickly and easily to the devices through a bluetooth connection . In addition, thanks to its impermeability to water and the presence of a suction cup and grip extra strong, this device is perfectly able to keep you company in the shower, in the tub or at the beach. Thanks to its lithium-polymer battery can play music up to 6 hours and also there is a built-in microphone , so you can answer and speak equally to your phone, even if it is busy.

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Pure Power: Tronsmart Element Mega

With its 360° design, Tronsmart Element Mega allows a diffusion of the sounds clear and without distortion, but its 40 Watts of power to really make the difference compared to the average. Equipped with a comfortable touch panel with LED lights blue light come on at startup, Element Mega offers the possibility to manage the various audio sources (Bluetooth, AUX, and micro SD), presenting with a range of no less than 15 hours of playback continued, thanks to the double built-in battery lithium-polymer 3300mAh . The presence of a built-in microphone , able to handle the calls, and the above-mentioned power of diffusion, make the Tronsmart Element Mega, the perfect device for those looking for a solution that is powerful , convenient and practical .

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