Electronic Health Record: new DL Relaunch

Electronic Health Record: new DL Relaunch
If there is something that the lockdown has taught our country (but not only), it is how important the management of health data is, so that it can be monitored, managed and protected in the best way. A solution was already available, but the inertia that is opposed with equal and opposite force to the impulse of innovation: it is the Electronic Health Record (ESF) for which the Relaunch Decree has now provided a series of useful innovations to streamline it the mechanisms and to multiply their adoption.

Electronic Health Record: the news of the DL Relaunch

These are the main news announced by AGID:

are extended to the types of health data and health-that come together in the ESF are thus included also those which pertain to services provided outside of the national health System, not only those internal to the SSN; the activation and the power of the ESF becomes automatic and easier. The citizen will no longer have to request the opening of the dossier and give its consent to his power, but he can always decide who can access his health data, through the mechanism of explicit consent. Remains also guaranteed the right to know which accesses are made to the right of the ESF, are extended to the functions of “subsidiarity” of the National Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Electronic Health records (INI) to all the regions that have not yet activated the ESF or some of its services and the expansion of the INI. In time the ESF will be fed through the National Infrastructure for the Interoperability with healthcare data already available in relation to organ donation, vaccinations and reservations, contained in the Information System Transplant, in the Us vaccination regional and in the CUP of each region or autonomous province; it is scheduled to be published on the national Portal of the ESF, subject to the opinion of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, the technical specifications of the documents of the ESF and the dossier to the pharmaceutical industry. A real acceleration in the wake of a need for the Covid has just made it more obvious: the Dossier of the National Health may be of fundamental importance, but it is absolutely necessary to accelerate and transform it into a standard, for it to work properly and to take advantage of this as soon as possible. Will not be a useful tool in optical coronavirus (the numbers deny this possibility), but you can turn the pandemic, at least in a point of departure.

More files, more data, more interoperability: three simple concepts, but difficult to implement. If the “Raise” he wants to be, you must also pass here.

Source: AGID

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