The EU antitrust investigation into the Google-Fitbit deal

The EU antitrust investigation into the Google-Fitbit deal
Old continent authorities will open an antitrust investigation into the acquisition of Fitbit announced by Google last November. An operation with an economic value quantified as $ 2.1 billion. An official pronouncement on the matter is expected by the European Commission within the next few days, according to what reported today on the pages of Reuters.

Google-Fitbit: the antitrust investigation shortly

The Mountain View group, as well as some representatives of the parent company Alphabet, has already promised not to use the information collected through wearable devices for purposes related to advertising or for marketing campaigns, but apparently the signed commitment is not was deemed sufficient. Greater guarantees are needed to protect not only the privacy of those directly involved, but also the market balance.

The deadline set by Brussels to complete the review is set for Tuesday, August 4 preliminary agreement. The expected duration of the subsequent investigation is estimated at around four months during which the repercussions of the handshake will be taken into consideration, in particular as regards the use of data ascribable to the healthcare category. Below is the comment released by a bigG spokesperson on the indiscretion, in line with the position taken by the company in recent weeks when the hypothesis of a formal investigation was discussed.

The wearable market it is populated and we believe that the combination of Google and Fitbit's hardware efforts will increase competition in the sector, for the benefit of customers and making the next generation of products better and more reliable.

Source: Reuters

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