Battletoads: announced the release date with the new trailer

Battletoads: announced the release date with the new trailer
Announced for the first time by surprise during the Microsoft conference of E3 2018, the Battletoads saga is about to hit the market again after 26 years of absence. The title, in development at the studios of the Dlalastudios guys, showed up again this afternoon with a new trailer, in which the British development team wanted to finally reveal the launch date of the new game.

The iconic gym frogs Zitz, Rash and Pimple are therefore about to return to our Xbox One and PC consoles for a new colorful adventure made of moments full of action and irony. As you can see in the new trailer published by Rare on its social channels, Battletoads will offer fans a title in full 90s style that will never back down in proposing many varied situations.

After a succession of frantic speed images, action sections that reflect the style of the old chapters and cartoon style interludes, the launch date of the new Battletoads is finally revealed. Next August 20, therefore, we will be able to get our hands on this title. There won't be too much to wait and we may find out what awaits us in returning to play the role of battle frogs.

August therefore it seems that it will be a particularly rich month for the owners of Xbox One and for all fans of the Xbox Games Studios productions. What do you think of the trailer for the new Battletoads published by Rare? Are you satisfied with what has been shown so far of this most welcome return? Have your say in the comments section.

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