Immune at 4.5 million downloads

Immune at 4.5 million downloads
One of the latest updates on the Immuni app before the milestone (certainly not exciting) of the 5 million downloads. Here it is:

#Immuni reaches 4.5 million downloads. A good growth trend that, if it continues throughout the summer, will make prevention of # Covid19 more effective.

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- Immuni App (@immuni_app) July 31, 2020

With this tweet the Immuni team announces that the app has reached 4.5 million downloads, which means everything and nothing, but at least is worth confirming the fact that the rate of growth remains slow and constant.

Immune grows slow and constant

Too slow and too constant (although in neighboring France it is certainly not going better, on the contrary): the hope was that the fears generated by the outbreaks reported abroad could stimulate Italian downloads, but in reality the "fear" evidently came less in most of the country and the drive to download the app (whose perception is clearly controversial) is not currently a tra valid.

At this rate it will not be possible to face the autumn with more than 5-6 million downloads, although it should be said that any unfortunate increases in infections could have the effect to persuade someone more to let go of skepticism and download Immuni. The download curve is currently in deficit compared to the pandemic, which does not improve the situation compared to a few weeks ago and makes the situation blocked.

there Are many, including the comments, to express a certain search for a currency exchange from the installation of the app. Comments of the type “ if I provide the pad in the case of a notification and make clear how the collaborative relationship is not erigibile so much on a trust basis, as on the barter between a availability and a service . This is not only complex to realize, but it is also contrary to the principle that the app could encourage in any way those who is provided by those who don't: the buffer immediately, it would become a sort of coercion to the download, going in the opposite direction compared to what is alleged by the app.

The hope must be therefore that the weeks of summer can serve to optimize the health care procedures of reporting, the download can speed up in any way and the instrument Immune can contribute – even in small, even just a little, but in an effective way – for the containment of bird flu outbreak when schools reopen and they will open the dances for the last crucial quarter of the year.

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