Intel Celeron, the new CPUs also appear on the official website

Intel Celeron, the new CPUs also appear on the official website
About ten days ago we had already informed you of the sighting of new Intel CPUs of the Celeron series based on the 10th generation Comet Lake architecture in the LambdaTek retailer price list. After officially announcing the new Core i9-10850K processor, which had been rumored over the past few weeks, the Santa Clara company has published on its website the specifications of the G5925, G5905 and G5905T chips, which go alongside G5920, G5900 and G5900T.


Core / Thread Clock Speed ​​Cache Price Celeron G5925 2/2 3.6GHz 4MB 52 $ Celeron G5920 2/2 3.5GHz 2MB 52 $ G5905 2/2 3,5GHz 4MB 42 $ G5900 2/2 3,4GHz 2MB 42 $ G5905T 2/2 3,3GHz 4MB 42 $ G5900T 2/2 3,2GHz 2MB 42 $ Celeron G5925 and G5905 are built with the process of Intel production at 14nm and can be used in the latest Intel 400 series motherboards that have the LGA1200 socket. Intel Celeron processors generally have two cores without Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost and these new CPUs also seem to follow this rule. However, the Celeron G5925 and G5905 offer a 100MHz higher base clock, respectively, than the Celeron G5920 and G5900, but the improvements don't stop there. Intel has doubled the amount of L3 cache and both have 4MB of L3 cache as a result. The other processor specifications are the same as any other Celeron Comet Lake-S: they use the Intel UHD Graphics 610 integrated GPU, offer 16 PCIe 3.0 lines and native support for DDR4-2666 RAM.

It is not clear the reason why the new chips have identical prices to the old ones, but we believe that Intel's returns have been good enough in this segment to justify an increase in processor production without weighing down the consumer with any additional costs.

Intel will probably leave you before that the OEM and the dealers the depletion of the old stocks of the CPU and then introduce new ones, then would certainly not be a surprise to see the PCN (product change notification) to present himself to the three old chip when the company of Santa Clara will start to remove them gradually from the market. In the alternative, may remain in the sale, leaving at the discretion of the OEM or reseller the ability to offer them at different prices.

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