Fortnite Companions of the Corals, how to complete the secret challenge

Fortnite Companions of the Corals, how to complete the secret challenge
Among the many innovations introduced by Epic Games in the new third season of Fortnite, what immediately catches the eye of the players is the rising water level that has led to several changes in the map. Among these changes are also some secrets, such as the Compagni dei Coralli challenge. Not being on the challenge list, not everyone knows that this secret is hidden somewhere on the island of battle royale.

The purpose of this challenge is to evolve the Coral Companions civilization from the era of wood to that of stone. Let's talk about little babies already appearing during Fortnite Season 2, which have a shape very similar to a small sprawling blob. This type of secret challenge evolves over the seasons and to complete the mission completely you will have to complete all the secret challenges that will be proposed with the various Fortnite updates.

The first thing you need to do to complete this secret challenge will be to search for the island of the Coral Companions. You can find this little people at coordinates B1 on the island map, more precisely in the north-west area. Once you reach their island you will have to collect 300 stone units, which will serve as a result of this curious civilization to erect their pyramid.

Once you have completed this challenge, you will receive 25,000 XP. What do you think of this secret challenge proposed by Epic Games in Fortnite? Have you already helped the Coral companions to go to the stone age?

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