SPID, exceeded 9 million with bonus shots

SPID, exceeded 9 million with bonus shots
9 million SPID. The news is all here and apparently it is only a small milestone in a process that needs other successes. However, it is an important number because it rewards the work done both in past years (from its introduction to its promotion by force within a country system often resistant to technological innovations) and in full emergency management.

To understand what this figure means you have to look at it in perspective: at the end of February, in fact, there were 5.9 million SPIDs and at the end of April they were something like 6.3 million: 9 million is the photograph of an incredible trend for a project that for years has been on the other hand, it seemed bogged down in a situation impossible to unravel.

9 million SPID

9 million SPID means 9 million Italians who have at their disposal an identification with which to certify themselves in front of the institutions government and thus be able to enjoy their services directly and online. This is fundamental in perspective, of course, but it was even more so during the months in which forced isolation forced the Italians to turn to the IT channel in order to have information, money, aid and documentation.

📈Over 9 million digital identities issued with #SPID. I am satisfied with the milestone reached today by this tool, which is essential to simplify the life of #citizens and ensure #security of the data. Find out more on ➡ https://t.co/GBwUrzQ99t pic.twitter.com/brdP78sbp9

- Paola Pisano (@PaolaPisano_Min) July 29, 2020

In the past years had been especially 18App and the Paper of the Teacher the traini the main to promote the opening of a SPID (Public System of Digital Identities) on the part of citizens. The Covid has changed all that, by multiplying the state of necessity: hence arise the various bonuses available through the site (INPS), the citizen's Income and now the most recent Bonus Holiday: for access to each of these possibilities are available sites and apps, but in each case the SPID is one of the most simple and direct access to the service.

waiting for the summer terms, and that the challenge of the autumn, the sight of citizens, companies and public administration, the SPID puts a stop in their process of growth: 9 million citizens are certified and ready to be able to access the services of a new level, while enjoying all the benefits that digitization can offer. For all others this is an opportunity that remains to be picked, for which you will need to work to ensure that the provision of services to citizens can be as quick, efficient and less-burdensome as possible.

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