Chrome OS: Phone Hub for integration with Android

Chrome OS: Phone Hub for integration with Android
Years ago there was talk of a possible convergence between Chrome OS and Android, but the plan to bring the two operating systems together in a single platform has never been successful. In any case, there has been an approach, as evidenced by the possibility of using the Play Store applications on Chromebooks. We will continue in this direction with the debut of a new feature called Phone Hub.

Phone Hub: Google focuses on Chrome OS-Android integration

To make a comparison we could define it the equivalent The Your Phone app made available by Microsoft to Windows 10 users which allows you to interact with your smartphone directly from your PC. This is the leaked description.

Provides users with an interface to view information about their Android phones and perform actions on their smartphone from Chrome OS.

Phone Hub should find its place in the Connected Devices section of the operating system with direct link to the execution of three different commands: Phone Hub Notifications and Phone Hub Notifications Badge for the management of notifications from the phone, Phone Hub Task Continuation to resume the use of the app at the exact point where they were interrupted on the mobile device.

At the moment it is not known what the timings are set by Google for the debut of the functionality which, however, would be in line with the Better Together philosophy of the Mountain View group, with a view to ever deeper integration between devices related to the mobile ecosystem and qu elli instead closer to the desktop.

Source: 9to5Google

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