So Chrome will protect payments on Android

So Chrome will protect payments on Android
While on desktop Google is trying to put password management completely in the hands of Chrome, so as to avoid the fallacy of memory and helping in the meantime in the management of weaker credentials, on mobile the choice is to take a further step, introducing the biometrics to protect credentials for online payments.

Protection of payments on Android

Google Chrome on Android will soon allow password protection in a simplified procedure thanks to which, at the time, of any login, simply place your finger on the fingerprint reader to enable automatic filling in of the forms relating, for example, to your credit card. This gesture not only fills in the forms automatically on the basis of the data in memory, but also allows you to choose between multiple accounts if you have multiple credentials on the same service.

The objective it is twofold: to protect data, but also to speed up the compilation procedures and avoid that essential information is forgotten or that you need to have your credit card in hand in order to continue the operation. This is an important step in both directions, with the consequence of improving the mobile experience of users so that they can live with greater serenity the purchase of products, the payment of the same and the management of their credentials by taking advantage of the now optimized management fingerprints.

The requested data (such as CVC confirmation for payments) will only have to be entered once, the first: from that moment on, the browser will associate the fingerprint and information to proceed with the automatic filling .

the One that until a few years ago could seem a chimera (wanted for a long time), within a short time will be the reality on most of the smartphones in circulation, where there will be a fingerprint sensor, Chrome will be able to manage each step in autonomy. The rollout is in progress: “ This feature is coming to Chrome for Android in the coming weeks, but this is only the beginning. We will continue to focus on the creation of intuitive features that keep you secure login and payments on the Web, and we will speak more shortly “. This seems to want to project your Android into a dimension of greater reliability, making it more and more so a simple environment for phone calls, and social networks in optical the consumer, as an environment of safety and productivity for a business.

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