Luca, the last pearl of the animated tricolor production

Luca, the last pearl of the animated tricolor production
Lu sole, lu mare, lu ientu. But also a little mountain. No, we are not talking about the Italian holidays of this very particular year, more unique than rare, where many tourists find themselves, willingly or unwillingly, having to spend most of their summer time between the borders of their country. The announcement comes on the hottest days of the year, more poetically we could define it as the "midsummer night's dream", when the sky is blue, but not over Berlin, to remember a quote that accompanies our memories from the victory of the Football World Cup 14 years ago. This time the point gained by throwing the ball on goal has the flavor of a new cinematographic film, a new daughter of the huge Pixar family, which this time, however, bears the name and origins all Italian. Let's talk about Luca, the new film arriving at the dawn of next summer 2021, born from the mind of Enrico Casarosa and set in a place surrounded by seas and mountains, Liguria, the director's native land now in the USA for years.

LUCA The adventure of the boy of the same name who will see his debut on the big screen in almost a year is not the only animated production, in the history of Italian cinema, to obtain an important and prestigious position in the national and international news. Our past does not perhaps include a past of large companies and companies of undisputed planetary importance, as could be the continuous production that is baked by the forges of The Walt Disney Company, but we also have titles to be proud of. Let's take this opportunity to understand how far Luca has come in our Italian film history.

From the first Pinocchio to the Seventies Italian

The production in Italy of cartoons, had its origins in the rather recent, due in particular to the proposals for inter-european related to the Rai and other national networks, taking hold of consequence in the major and historical production centres of the company of the national public service in Rome, Milan and Turin . So much time has past from the Adventures of Pinocchio (1936) film coscritta de The four musketeers , when he was just born the CAIR (Italian Cartoons Rome) was the period determined by trials and errors, with productions which are not always successful.

you Must wait for the beginning of a legend all Italian, which bears the name of Bruno Buzzetto , class of 1938 and is still today very active in his productions, and attendance to events in the public domain, as the edition of 2016 Lucca Comics&Games . It was 1965, when he came West & Soda (a title which-to-ear reminds us of the “whiskey ‘n’ soda ‘n’ rock'n'roll” of the famous song " Tu vo’ fa’, the american ), the crowds film is a western that sees the gunslinger Johnny to face an evil land owner, better known as “the Villain”, and his two thugs Ursus and Dainty , to save the sweet Clementine. Acclaimed as a masterpiece of Italian animation, well away from the production earlier, and not just Italian, it also proved a forerunner of the cinema insane the Seventies and Eighties, followed in close turn by another parodic key.

Vip – My brother superman", released in 1968, and always from the mind of a Sketch, which speaks of the superheroes “revisited” and taking advantage of the opportunity to criticize the styles and rhythms of life linked to the consumerism of the era (who knows what would have happened today, if the production had been contemporary). The protagonists here are two brothers superheroes that were quite different between them and that were born from the marriage of a superman with a cashier at a supermarket. The irony is already in the midst of this odd couple, which gave rise to Supervip and Minivip, two names are easy to remember and features well-guessed, but don't be fooled by appearances: it will be Minivip to be more brilliant than his elder brother.

The inspiration to the Disney products, however, comes in 1976 with a Cheerful, not too much , so the product “bozzettiano” and uses that as the mould of a reference to the Fantasy long the target of criticism. Unlike the latter, the third feature film of the Sketch was received with more appreciation: divided into six episodes within a frame shot from the real, the soundtrack boasts names are very important in the world of the classics, from Debussy to Vivaldi, helping to build a new production rather bizarre.

The roaring Nineties

If we do not take into account the arrival on tv of the first animated series dedicated to The Public , the famous dog polka dot red and white, we have to go almost fifteen years to get to 1991 and nd that Want to Fly , an award-winning film at the David di Donatello for Best screenplay that has been able to combine animation and live footage, on the false line of Who framed Roger Rabbit? where the starring Maurizio has known for the case of Martina, but one day the man begins to transform into a cartoon.

Continue the filming of the classic and tales for children: if sixty years before it was touched Pinocchio, now is the time de La freccia azzurra (1996), a film that marks the debut of Enzo D'alò to the feature film, and inspired by the homonymous tale by Gianni Rodari, whose soundtrack Paolo Conte was awarded to David and silver ribbon. Only two years later, the masterpiece that closes the second millennium in grand style: signed still from D'alò, let's talk about de La gabbianella e il gatto (1998), born from the book is the Story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly of the late Luis Sepúlveda .

so Far we have mentioned the movie character graphics rather singular, that approaching the style almost to the films of the author and not to the productions blockbuster overseas. Will the third millennium bring a new wave of freshness, color, narrative in Italian cinema. The first attempt came soon after in 2001 Aida of the trees , the victim of a dispute not of little account because of some similarities with the film James Cameron's Avatar , released some years later and solved with a negotiation that took place in 2010 between the two houses of production, the studio in turin the Magic Lantern and 20th Century Fox .

Directed by Guido Manuli, the plot is loosely taken from the opera Aida by Antonio Ghislanzoni, set to music by Giuseppe Verdi, a lineage of music of a certain weight, and supported in turn by the production of the soundtrack of Ennio Morricone . Not content with these major names on the soundtrack, it is also the first feature film of Italian animation made with 3D technique in the complete sequences.

“your hand is in mine”

If in 2003 we have a new attempt with The expecting Giulia la signora Vita, the first Italian cartoon made with 3D technology and shot by director Paolo Modugno, and in the same year, the launch of Totò Sapore and the magic story of pizza , the real franchise that has life still is the one born from the mind of Iginio Straffi and produced by Rainbow in co-production with Rai and Nickelodeon: this is the animated series Winx Club, broadcast on prima TV on Rai 2 on January 28, 2004.

The success of the TV series, distributed in about 150 countries, has contributed to the realization of a real franchise, which belong to a homonym comics, a trilogy of animated films in CGI, various live shows, a theme park and a large department of merchandising, without forgetting the tv series on Netflix . We face perhaps the only real brand that can have brought the “Italian” in the world, not only for the quantity and quality of content, but also for longevity of the product, but not free from accusations of stereotyping of the feminine .

Winx Club was accused convey an image sexist directly to an audience of little girls, an accusation made, in particular, from the writer Loredana Lipperini in the book Still from the girls side and from the semiologist Giovanna Cosenza. The two women have criticized in particular the excessive thinness of the fairies winged, their body is “hyper-female” and the sexual connotations are accentuated, but especially the editing of the sequences, the stage that often attracts the gaze on the most intimate parts of their body.

Not only that, the criticism was also born in the documentary Lorella Zanardo , The women's body , where it analyzes the media representation of the female body in Italian television. But if you want to break a lance against the Winx, we can say that this representation is distorted would be their cartoons-most target men, such as Gormiti, landed on TV with an animated series in 2008.

After this great exploit, the Ten years have seen “only” the Pinocchio 2012 with D'alò , based on the anime adaptation of the aforementioned The adventures of Pinocchio, by do not compare it only with the version of Disney, but also the live action of Benign, next to other titles like the Cat Cinderella (in 2017) , which distinguishes itself for its originality in the panorama of animation flag, and The bears ' famous invasion of Sicily (2019), an adaptation of the work of Buzzati, thanks to Mattotti.

Stay up to date on the live action Disney in our article dedicated and constantly up to date!

We are, therefore, faced with a panorama that has been able to tell many stories, several of which, however, remained within the national borders and have had so many difficulties in making ends meet. Why the more reason, we expect great things from a director already in the credits of securities to the likes of Ratatouille, Up, and Coco .

If the history is here briefly traced, has outlined a scenario perhaps often backward in the techniques of construction and in the final performance, and tends to be perched on the transposition on the screen of stories that have already seen the light, it is time to reverse this situation and bring Italy in the world, once again, trusting in the next production, Pixar will get to know the ligurian territory to the whole world.

Retrieve the book from the girls side, next to the Story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly, the DVD the Seagull And The Cat and the last effort to Benigni, Pinocchio, DVD and Bluray .

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