Special short circuit tonight on The Last of Us 2: "A wrong game that shouldn't exist"

Special short circuit tonight on The Last of Us 2: A wrong game that shouldn't exist
Attention attention, the Short Circuit returns today with a special episode, but so special that it airs in the early evening instead of in the afternoon, with a title that will not fail to create discussions: "The Last of Us 2: a wrong game that should not exist ".

The Special Short Circuit will be aired tonight, July 31, 2020, at 9:00 pm, conducted by Pierpaolo Greco, Alessio Pianesani and Francesco Serino, who will launch into a bold discussion on The Last of Us 2 from a perspective that promises a significant impact, on the other hand just look below the poster made especially for the occasion to remain traumatized.

Tonight at 21:00, therefore, live appointment on SportsGaming.win Twitch channel to write the definitive critical page on the most controversial title of the year.

With Pierpaolo, Francesco and Alessio we will explain why The Last of Us 2 is "a wrong game that shouldn't exist" , a punt ata destined to end the season really with a bang (Then there will be another, but it is the same ...)

In the special we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses that have made the title a milestone in the history of video games and why, after the release of Last of Us 2, the whole industry must stop and reflect on the real potentialities of the videogame medium.

Do videogames have to diminish their ambition to tell reality and man? Scattered reflections on the history of video games will accompany us in search of the answer to this question.

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See you soon!

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