Nvidia, negotiations underway with ARM for its acquisition

Nvidia, negotiations underway with ARM for its acquisition
Two weeks ago an article appeared stating that Nvidia was interested in the acquisition of ARM and now it appears that negotiations are already underway, as reported by Bloomberg.

The deal should include a transaction both in shares that cash, although a final price has not yet been set. ARM was valued at 32 billion dollars when SoftBank acquired the company in 2016 and Nvidia is certainly able to afford to pay such a sum thanks to the increase in the price of shares in the last year. SoftBank is part of the world's largest venture capital fund, Vision Fund, valued at $ 100 billion. The company also was one of Nvidia's largest investors until the beginning of last year until it sold its $ 3.6 billion stock.

Currently, both its owners that various industry players believe that the British company ARM is not doing very well led by SoftBank, as annual revenues have increased only from 1.2 to 1.9 billion dollars in the four years under his direction. With the skills of a more shrewd company, like Nvidia, there is a serious possibility that ARM will be able to significantly improve its profits. Indeed, the GPU maker's revenue has tripled in the same time frame.

However, there are other concerns inherent in this acquisition. The transaction is expected to be subject to harsh antitrust investigations, as ARM is a key player in much of the technology sector. ARM, in fact, licenses its architectures to customers such as Qualcomm, Apple, Broadcom and even Nvidia, and this would give the Californian company a lot of power.

One of the most important developments to keep in mind at this time is the passing of Apple's own to the new processors Apple Silicon, designed in-house but that will present an ARM architecture, for its future computer line Mac, or portable all-in-one.

of course, at the moment we cannot say if the agreement is successful, but if so, could radically change the technological landscape as we know it.

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