Fortnite, where to find Deadpool's inflatables at the Yacht

Fortnite, where to find Deadpool's inflatables at the Yacht
Finally the developers of Epic Games have made available the challenges of Fortnite Week 2 Chapter 2 Season 3. Among these there is also Find the Deadpool inflatables at the Yacht, a task that requires a few more suggestions to be completed: hence the need for a small guide.

To complete the challenge Find the inflatables of Deadpool to the Yacht you will only have to land in a specific new area of ​​the game map of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: the Yacht, in fact. Be careful because its position is no longer that of last season: it is now always in the north and at sea, but in the central area of ​​the island (therefore no longer in the north-east). Looking north from the Authority you should see it immediately; the boat is now in ruins.

But where to find Deadpool's inflatables at the Yacht? Quickly said: there are in total three indestructible objects, purple rubber ducks with which you will have to interact (DualShock Square button on PlayStation 4). The main difficulty is in the presence of the opponents, so you could consider dedicating yourself to the mission in Brawl Team mode, where the respawn is present.

Here is a video made by HarryNinetyFour, which shows the position and location of everyone and three Deadpool inflatables at the Yacht. Collect them one after the other, and you will have completed the challenge. Remember to take a look at the complete list with all the missions of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 of Week 2.


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