Tale of Arise has been postponed to a later date: here are the reasons

Tale of Arise has been postponed to a later date: here are the reasons
What until a few weeks ago was only a suspect, unfortunately, has turned into reality. Bandai Namco Entertainment has just announced that it has postponed the release of Tales of Arise: the JRPG, originally expected in 2020, has been postponed until a later date.

The suspicion had already come to us last week when, on the occasion of the Tales of Festival in virtual format, the Japanese company decided not to reveal any new information on the expected game. Unfortunately, this afternoon the confirmation of the postponement of Tales of Arise to a date to be sent has arrived.

The reasons? According to what can be read in the official release written by the producer Yusuke Tomizawa, it is not all the fault of the delays caused by the Coronavirus emergency. "With Tales of Arise we want to offer fans an experience that is both familiar and innovative at the same time, investing in the technical aspect to achieve a graphic quality that will amaze both the veterans of the series and those who approach for the first time "Tales of". The development of the game continued regularly even in 2020, despite the challenges we had to face. The COVID-19 emergency had repercussions on some aspects of the process, but we adapted to the new context by making available the our team resources for remote development. However, it will take more time to get the quality and the extraordinary gaming experience that we have in mind for our fans, so we are forced to postpone the release of "Tales of Arise".

The development team, therefore, is also working to create a cutting-edge technical sector, and according to Tomizawa "is more determined than ever". For the occasion, the manufacturer of Tales of Arise has published the wonderful wallpaper that you find attached to this news. Officially, the game is still in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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