High Fidelity: Zoe Kravitz lashes out at Hulu

High Fidelity: Zoe Kravitz lashes out at Hulu
On Wednesday Hulu, the streaming service, officially canceled the High Fidelity reboot after just one season. The star of the show, Zoe Kravitz has therefore decided to denounce on social networks the lack of diversity in the shows present in the programming of the platform.

Thursday Zoe Kravitz posted a photo on Instagram to share her love for the cast and the High Fidelity troupe. If nothing appears in the caption of the photo other than the actress's love for her colleagues, the same cannot be said of the comments. Responding to a comment from actress Tessa Thompson, Zoe Kravitz pointed out, with a dig, that Hulu's programming is lacking.

"Don't worry. At least Hulu has a ton of other shows featuring women of color that we can watch. Oh wait. ”

The actress's opinion was supported and validated by Entertainment Weekly, which pointed out that the only other series on Hulu featuring a black woman is Little Fires Everywhere, which sees Kerry Washington as a co-star. Although Hulu has a page dedicated to "Black Stories", most of the content is not produced by the platform.

High Fidelity , based on the homonymous series of 1995 and inspired by the book written by Nick Hornby , follows the story of Rob , played by Zoe Kravitz, owner of a record shop in the heart perpetually broken, struggling to understand where it ends and his life, and where to start the soundtrack that accompanies it. After a series of events, Rob will decide to take a trip down memory lane and revisit its five failed relationships in the hope of learning from them. The cast of the series also includes Jake Lacy in the role of Clyde , Da'vine Joy Randolph in the role of Cherise , David H. Holmes , in the role of Simon , Kingsley Ben Adir , who plays Mac , Rainbow Sun Francks in the role of Cameron Brooks and Nadine Malouf in the role of Nikki Brooks . Guest star of the first season were Parker Posey, Debbie Harry, Jack Antonoff, Ivanna Sakhno, Justin Silver, and Thomas Doherty . High Fidelity was originally made for Disney + before switching to Hulu because of its topics, deemed to be aimed at an audience too adult compared to the target, Disney in April 2019.

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