The five deputies who received the bonus are not "crafty", but little ones

The five deputies who received the bonus are not crafty, but little ones

Three are from the Lega, one from Italia Viva and one from M5s. They have not stolen anything, since the law was poorly written, but they represent the lowest level reached by Italian politics

(photo: Giorgio Cosulich / Getty Images) It seems that the Italian summer has found the topic to debate on the water's edge of its beaches, in the shade of the statues in its hot squares or on the air-conditioned benches in shopping centers. Five parliamentarians, three from the Lega, one from the Five Star Movement and one from Italia Viva, would have applied for the € 600 VAT match bonus. The hashtag #FuoriINomi was a trending topic on Twitter for hours, while the analyzes, debates, discussions split into two different lines of thought.

There are those who criticize the government, which responded to the Covid-19 emergency with a welfare like wildfire, which everyone can benefit from, even those who continued to work and earn as nothing had happened. For example, parliamentarians, who in the face of monthly salaries of thousands of euros can apply for the bonus of 600 euros, since it does not provide for specific limits. Then there are those who instead criticize the parliamentarians themselves who have requested it, who have not violated any law, who in the end cannot therefore be defined as crafty, but who have shown that they have no ethics and morals, themselves in front of the citizens they represent, to steal resources from the state that could go to those who are really doing badly, just to inflate an already full-bodied paycheck.

The truth, more or less, is in the middle . It is undeniable that the bonus by the five parliamentarians is another, yet another indicator of the political class, not enough with which Italy finds itself having to do the accounts . While the country is experiencing one of the economic crises, the worst on record, millions have lost their job or are on layoff, the business closing down or live a radical cutting of their revenues, some of the representatives of the people, among the few to continue to work and earn as if nothing had, pocket a meager cheque for 600 euros, in what sounds like an insult, a tease, a division of loose change between those who really need it, and of the privileged who are not satisfied of their privilege. It is the symptom of the times, of the dark moment of Italian politics, the gap between words and facts of the person who proclaims working for the good of others, and instead always put in front of your own personal gain .

But the problem, ultimately, is to mount. If five members payroll by thousands of euros per month , whose job is not affected in any way of the pandemic , may request the use of the bonus means that the bonus was poorly conceived . Because this is only the tip of the iceberg, the visible hides the invisible. The investigation of the Republic has told us in a key a bit populist that caste continues to make money on the shoulders of the italians, but the real news is not so much that the five deputies of 630 have acted in this way, but if they can do out there, then there is an army of thousands of people that they are doing very well but who have benefited from a bonus is aimed at those who if bad. The bonus in short, it is wrong, why not call stakes , makes no distinctions of income, because it allows everyone to benefit from it in what is then a big waste of money disguised as a welfare wide range . And the blame for all this, then, is a government that has not been able to realize it and that is an accomplice to those same members without scruples, because it allowed them to act in this way. The government, in short, has given in to the bad Italian political class is a new opportunity to prove that. And in the end, the five members have not done anything legally wrong.

If so it is only normal to be indignant for the cheque written to the five members of parliament, we must do so in the same measure or more, even against those who allowed them to be pulling this off the same cheque. These are the last to have legislated evil, an element that adds to the hypocrisy of the last few hours, with various members of the executive who have raised the barricades against their colleagues, beneficiaries of the bonus. Forgetting that they were themselves to provide you with the assist and co-responsibility, therefore, of the lack of policy of the times.

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