ARM could end up in the hands of NVIDIA

ARM could end up in the hands of NVIDIA
When at the beginning of last week a rumor appeared on the Net about the possible sale of ARM by the Japanese SoftBank (which acquired it in 2016 for 24 billion pounds), the names of the companies concerned were not mentioned the deal. Today one of them appears: that of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA evaluates the acquisition of ARM

Nothing confirmed or official at the moment, but according to what reported by Bloomberg there would have been a first contact between the parties in order to enter into an agreement deemed profitable for both. The alternative could go from a partial sale of the company or from its listing on the stock market.

NVIDIA already has in its portfolio some hardware based on ARM architecture such as processors that find a place in the Nintendo Switch game console or in the set-top boxes of the SHIELD line to be connected to the TV. The operation would allow Jensen Huang's reality (in the opening image) to bring the company to play a leading role in the mobile ecosystem considering the presence of technology-based components in almost any smartphone and tablet on the market. >
The same source of indiscretion refers to Apple as another group potentially interested in the idea of ​​the acquisition, to which SoftBank would have turned in order to enter into a negotiation, but in return receiving the most classic of the " no thanks". The reasons may be different: from the importance of the economic investment required to the concerns about antitrust problems that could arise following a possible handshake.

As always happens in these cases, the stakeholders will not have come comments or statements. A move of this type would certainly have the potential to move the equilibrium in the semiconductor market for years to come, projecting the NVIDIA at the center of a sector that now sees almost absent, free of authority permitting.

Source: Bloomberg

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