Fortnite. Challenges of Week 6, the guide

Fortnite. Challenges of Week 6, the guide
Here we are, as every week we arrived at the moment dedicated to the Fortnite Week 6 Challenges. After being revealed in advance by the usual dataminers, the new weekly challenges were added by Epic Games today. As often happens, most of these new challenges are easy enough to complete, but despite this we are ready this Thursday to give you some more clues to make your life even easier.

In recent days we have already proposed the list not only of Fortnite Week 6 Challenges, but also of the following one. Let's go in order, however, and see in detail how to complete the Week 6 Challenges recently added within the Epic Games hit title. Once you have removed the two challenges that ask you to search first 10 and then 100 chests, let's see together the rest of the challenges of this week.

Inflict 500 damage to the Well Shaky : this first challenge asks players to rafggiungere Well Shaky and inflict the beauty of the 500 damage to all enemies. Deletions of the Park Pacific, this time need to go in the Park zone of the Pacific and eliminate 3 enemies with any weapon. Lands to the Authority, and ending in the top 25 : back a classic, landing on the Authority and end the game, finishing among the last 25 players. The best way to complete this challenge is to land and find a helicopter to survive more easily. Rifornisci a vehicle Gattogrill : although the cars have not yet been entered, this challenge makes us understand that the arrival of the car is imminent. You just need to add the Service Station to the Gattogrill and refuel a car. Take a weapon to the Hut Stack : simple and intuitive interface; you reach the Hut Stack and get a weapon. Search the boxes of ammunition in the Village Geezer : again, the solution is in the title. Just look for the ammo that you find in the Village Geezer.

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