There is no agreement between Facebook and Trump

There is no agreement between Facebook and Trump
In recent months there has been several discussions of how in the name of freedom of expression the Facebook leaders have turned a blind eye to the content of the posts published by Donald Trump, unlike what was done for example by the competitor Twitter, who intervened on several occasions with fact checking and obscuration measures. In this regard, the number one of the platform guarantees that there is no agreement between the parties.

The Facebook-Trump agreement does not exist, CEO's word

During a Axios interview Mark Zuckerberg says that the social network does not reserve any favorable treatment to the US President, despite criticisms from many sides claiming otherwise. The CEO's words are straightforward, any speculation in this regard is labeled as "ridiculous" and absolutely groundless.

I've heard these speculations, so let it be clear: there are no agreements of any kind. Actually, the very idea of ​​an agreement is really ridiculous.

The number one of the social network also clarifies what happened last fall in Washington, when he took part in a dinner with Trump and of his entourage, underlining that he did the same when his predecessor Barack Obama sat at the desk of the Oval Office.

I accepted the invitation to dinner because I was in town and because he is the President of the United States. The fact that you have met a head of state should not surprise or suggest reaching any agreement.

Also with the aim of responding to the criticism received , at the end of June, Facebook has announced its intention to assign a label to the post of politicians deemed to be in violation of the policy, leaving them therefore online, but making explicit the nature of the content to the public.

Source: Axios

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