Xbox Series X: will a great saga return exclusively?

Xbox Series X: will a great saga return exclusively?
This Thursday, starting at 17:00 we will attend the new digital event dedicated to the titles coming out on the Xbox Series X. As mentioned several times by Microsoft, the attention will focus on the first party products being developed by the Xbox Game Studios teams . Except for Halo Infinite and some of the already announced titles such as EverWild and Hellblade 2 Senua's Saga, we do not know what to expect from the show, but a clue has recently appeared on the net that would concern the return of a great saga exclusively for Microsoft.

According to some rumors, the Ninja Gaiden saga may return exclusively to the Xbox X Series, with the guys from Team Ninja already working on this project. It's no secret that Phil Spencer has gone to Japan several times in the past few months to promote his vision of the Xbox division's present and future. Also according to these rumors, the presentation of July 23 will also be stuffed with the return of Ryo Hayabusa.

Among the sources who shared this news, there are some insiders who previously predicted both the PlayStation dev kit 5 that the announcement of the Nintendo Diretc Mini aired just yesterday afternoon. Even the XboxERA podcast hosts recently confirmed that they had heard very similar rumors, reporting everything in the last episode of their podcast. At the moment, however, neither Microsoft nor Team Ninja have wanted to deny the matter.

We just have to find out the truth behind the possible return of Ninja Gaiden this Thursday, when starting at 17: oo (Italian time ) the show about games coming out on Xbox Series X will be broadcast. What do you think of this rumor? Do you think it possible that the Ninja Gaiden saga can return exclusively to the next generation Microsoft console?

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