Google: copyright and removal requests, the numbers

Google: copyright and removal requests, the numbers
A new milestone reached by Google, this flies inherent in the requests for removal of URLs from SERPs that the search engine continuously receives from those who hold the copyright of content disseminated on the Internet in an unauthorized manner: three million domains exceeded. This was announced by the Transparency Report (link at the bottom of the article) compiled and updated by bigG.

Copyright and removal requests from Google, new record

Up to now 4 , 7 billion links disappeared from results pages following inquiries from over 223,000 copyright holders. Also from the report of the Mountain View group we learn which domains are most affected by the measure:,,,, and

Curiously, to end up in the crosshairs of those who submit requests there are also portals of a completely legitimate nature, in particular IMDb and Discogs which host information on film and music productions respectively.

Even more bizarre is the fact that sometimes the production companies target their own sites: the most striking case is perhaps that of 2013 which saw HBO submit a takedown request for Similar claims have also been filed by third parties against the official portals of Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros and other leading players in the world of entertainment and streaming. They then had to deal with this dynamic newsrooms such as BBC, Daily Mail, New York Times, Guardian and CNN.

Source: Google, Transparency Report

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