TeamSystem HR, the solution is in the cloud

TeamSystem HR, the solution is in the cloud
In the past years a lot has been done to equip the HR departments in the company with useful tools to better manage the various aspects related to human resources in the company, but much is still possible to do from this point of view. This is due to a growing specialization and a growing multiplication of management aspects, often requiring more software and more platforms, where the difficulty often arises from the difficulty of exchanging data or making the databases communicate.

TeamSystem HR: more problems, one answer

The new TeamSystem HR solution tries to answer this problem with a single platform "which aims to consolidate in a single cloud solution the different functions that meet all needs related to the management of human resources: from administration, attendance, from welfare to compensation, up to human capital management without forgetting the health and safety of employees ".

TeamSystem explains:

The solution not only allows the companies to exploit all the advantages of the cloud to ensure high performance and data security, even in smart working and on the move, but also offers transversal functions such as welfare, performance management and aspects related to compensation, corporate training, 'H&S organization and health surveillance. TeamSystem HR, in addition, favors a new dialogue between the company and labor consultants, aimed at facilitating the sharing of documents in real time and guaranteeing maximum efficiency in the management of each individual employee.

The explicit goal is to facilitate and make more efficient the work of increasingly overburdened departments such as HR: automation can still do a lot from this point of view and data driven solutions of this type can consolidate current workflows to free new resources aimed at pursuing new objectives.

We believe, in fact, that the organization of human resources within companies is experiencing a moment of profound transformation thanks to the driving force of digital . SMEs, also due to the scenario determined by the Covid 19 pandemic, are redefining processes, internal practices and working methods in a direction that is increasingly moving towards agile forms. Precisely in this context, the HR function plays a fundamental role in the evolution of business processes and in the promotion of innovative practices within the company in order to fully exploit the advantages of digital.

Federico Leproux , CEO of TeamSystem

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