Google Pixel 5: price and features revealed by mistake

Google Pixel 5: price and features revealed by mistake
Advertising found or error in managing your profile on social networks? In these hours, Google has returned to talk about Google Pixel 5, with a lot of useful information about the price and characteristics of the company's next medium-high-end smartphone. He did it "by mistake", in a post that was immediately removed from social channels.

In fact: the information on the Google Pixel 5 has become public, and we are here to bring them back to you. Let's start with the characteristics of the smartphone: it seems to have a 5.78-inch display, with Snapdragon 765G processor. The GPU will be Adreno 620, while the battery for the moment does not allow for too many illusions: 3500 mAh will have to suffice for you. Obviously, before exulting or pulling your hair out, remember that all this will have to be confirmed (or denied) by Google itself.

As for the price, the Google post reported a figure of 74,800 yen, or about 610 euros at the exchange rate. Finally, we need to talk about the promptly deleted message, which read: "Google Pixel 5, the latest smartphone compatible with Google's 5G networks, can be pre-ordered. Enjoy fast movie downloads and professional-grade photo capabilities. the best specifications ".

At this point we just have to wait for the official, which will arrive tomorrow, September 30, 2020. Will you buy the new Google smartphone, ready for 5G?

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