PES 2021 on PC, five unmissable MODs

PES 2021 on PC, five unmissable MODs


PES 2021 GAMEPLAY by I.P.M. CLASSIC PATCH by Averdom PES 2021 - Various Authors Stadiums National Anthems Pack PES 2021 by Predator 002 & Kana296 CUTSCENES Mod - Beta V1.0 by DurandilPES One of the most interesting things about playing on PC is the possibility of being able to take advantage of numerous free amateur patches or modifications that can make a video game even more beautiful and complete. In the case of a sports title such as eFootball PES 2021, all this translates into new tournaments, players, faces, turf, entire stadiums, original choirs, and so on and so forth.

In fact, there are galore of entire patches or MODs, even if at the moment, since the game has been out for a few weeks, the most substantial ones are missing, which will come later. It is therefore up to the user to choose whether to install as many as enough to literally transform PES 21 by turning it inside out like a sock, or simply use some of them, namely those that he considers useful to improve his gaming experience. However, once you have identified the MOD you are interested in, you will find detailed step-by-step explanations on how to install and use them correctly, so don't be impressed if you are a novice.


The first MOD that we recommend you try, even modifies the playability of eFootball PES 2021, intervening in particular on aspects such as contrasts, the movements of athletes with o without the ball, the amount and type of fouls whistled by the referees and the frequency with which a player can sink the pressing. The result is a gameplay where slow, reasoned rhythms are enhanced, but also a certain general physicality, with fewer game interruptions due to the detection of non-existent or almost non-existent fouls, even for often false or barely mentioned game contrasts, athletes who better cover the ball using the body, and players who react accordingly in a more realistic way according to weight and body structure to the action in progress, and so on. PES 2021 GAMEPLAY author Holland is working on a new version of his project, always looking for the right balance between realism, simulation and fun.


One of the most beautiful things for a football fan over the years, like the writer, is to be able to relive some of the sporting emotions experienced in his past (with the necessary differences, mind you) albeit through a videogame. This is thanks to the possibility of "reviewing" the champions of his childhood or adolescence on the field in digital version, and being able to use them in exciting matches. With the clay patch from Averdom it is possible for example to find in PES 21 the beauty of forty club teams with their best champions ever, and of twenty classic national teams always from the past. Arsenal of Pires and Bergkamp, ​​Bayern Munich of Rummenigge, Beckembauer and Lahm, Italy of Roberto Baggio, Totti, Del Piero and Di Natale, are just some of the available teams. For those who would like to have entire tournaments like the 1994 World Cup or teams specifically from certain vintages, such as Arrigo Sacchi's Milan or Marcello Lippi's Juventus, just keep an eye on the web: like last year (and previous ones), something will come out very soon. To play with the patch don't forget to disable automatic updates for teams and avoid live updates (by pressing the right analog R3) before a match.

PES 2021 - Various Authors Stadiums

First of all it is important to retrieve a tool called Sider, in which the so-called Stadium Server is then inserted. The latter allows you to introduce dozens and dozens of new systems created by fans from all over the world into the game, and then associate them with the various competitions and individual teams. This means that fans can for example have a Serie A TIM with each team playing at home in their real stadium. You just need to find it on the web (where, among other things, entire packages run, tournament by tournament). The procedure for all this is a little more complicated than the methods used to insert the other MODs mentioned in the article into PES 21, but even here, just a little attention and follow the tutorials (there are also videos, like the one here below which refers to an old edition of the game, but which is basically not that different). Often these stadiums come with new turf and incredible detail. At the moment, waiting for some more substantial package, for the pitch I recommend you to combine the Vanilla Turf Plus SU v1.

National Anthems Pack PES 2021 by Predator 002 & Kana296

Waiting of the traditional packages containing the choirs of all or almost all the teams in the game, and perhaps the one that adds the call names for those default players not spoken during the Caressa commentary, at the moment you have to be satisfied with the national anthems. In fact, a first audio package is available for eFootball PES 21 PC which contains 219 anthems precisely as many national representatives, from Italy to Brazil, from Peru to Japan. With National Anthems Pack PES 2021 by Predator002 & Kana296, in short, the atmosphere of those international tournaments not covered by official license becomes warmer and more realistic: the audio quality is in fact excellent and the music and songs of the various anthems blend well with the effects. of the stadium and the choirs of the audience. In the coming weeks, however, other packs and patches with chants, music after a goal and other stadium sound effects are expected to make the games more beautiful.

CUTSCENES Mod - Beta V1.0 by DurandilPES

To make the gamers' experience more televised, the developers of sports games often insert some interlude skits between one sequence and another or at the end of the race, perhaps to emphasize the reaction of an athlete to a wrong shot, to a result positive or negative or show the celebration of a long-awaited victory. In football games, of course, the "direction" often dwells on the close-ups of the players when they enter the field, before kick-off, during a substitution or at the end of some decidedly dangerous action. Well, given that after a while these sequences become a little repetitive (even though in many cases they are repeated as they are from year to year with rare exceptions by the developers themselves), here the fans intervene here too. With the CUTSCENES Mod - Beta V1.0 by DurandilPES, for example, among other things still in beta phase, thirty new sequences are added in eFootball PES 21, some already existing and simply reworked with a change of framing or positioning of the camera , others completely unpublished.

That's it for now. But considering what is written at the beginning of the article, that is, we are still in the embryonic stages for many MODs related to PES 21, it is not excluded that in the future we will return to talk about the topic, especially when the more consistent and complete ones are completed and shared. In the meantime, you can certainly be satisfied, especially by combining everything with the options files recommended in this article.

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