Google Meet: Noise Cancellation on Mobile

Google Meet: Noise Cancellation on Mobile
Another novelty for Google Meet, this time aimed at the mobile applications of the service that today welcome the technology for automatic noise cancellation presented in early June and available from July on the desktop. A system that leverages the algorithms developed by the Mountain View group to improve the audio quality of meetings and video calls.

Meet cleans the audio transmitted also on Android and iOS

Operation it is well explained by the video below: using an artificial intelligence the flow captured by the microphone is analyzed in real time, filtering the disturbances generated for example by other people in the same environment. Here is what you read on the pages of the official blog dedicated to G Suite.

Google Meet can now intelligently filter out background noise on Android and iOS. This means that Meet will automatically remove distracting audio inputs from your mobile device, broadcasting only your voice.

We remind you that tomorrow, Wednesday 30 September, the access period will expire free to the premium features of the platform made available to users in the spring to allow them to meet the needs dictated by the health crisis, especially in terms of smart working and distance learning, without having to put their hand to their wallets. Free accounts will therefore have to deal with some limitations starting from the maximum duration of the meetings established by Google in 60 minutes.

As you can read on the official support pages, the new Meet feature for automatic noise cancellation on Android and iOS is already available to all G Suite users worldwide except Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and neighboring areas.

Source: G Suite Updates

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