Amazon One, from today to pay just the palm of your hand

Amazon One, from today to pay just the palm of your hand
Amazon has announced a new payment system with biometric recognition. The new system will allow users to pay for their purchases made within Amazon Go physical stores only using the palm of their hand.

The American e-commerce giant has announced the arrival of a large new: within your Amazon Go physical stores it will soon be possible to pay directly using the palm of your hand, using the new Amazon One system. The new payment method comes at a time when the spread of the Covid-19 virus has reached very high levels and this "contactless" alternative thanks to which it will be possible to pay without any physical contact between customers and merchants is certainly a novelty that can bring some benefits.

At the first purchase made in Amazon Go stores, you will need to insert your credit card into the payment tower and then swipe the palm of your hand over the appropriate scanner for pairing and registration of the two data. Once this first procedure has been carried out, it will be possible to pay for your purchases simply by scanning the palm of your hand. Simple, fast and hygienic!

It is unclear which method Amazon will be using for storing such sensitive data, however the company has said that biometric credentials and credit card information will be stored in the cloud in an encrypted manner.

Amazon claims that its new device does not require a registered account on the site to allow entry into the store but only a scan of the palm and a phone number. However, customers can associate their account to view the purchase history directly on the site.

Amazon One is currently being tested in two stores in the Seattle area, including the original Amazon Go store at 7th & Blanchard and the South Lake Union store at 300 Boren Avenue North. It will not replace the other methods you can use to enter the brand's stores. Customers can still enter using the Amazon Go app, the Amazon app, or with staff assistance if they want to pay in cash.

The shopping giant said it wants to make this technology available to third parties as well parts and would already be in contact with potential buyers, at the moment however he has nothing to declare about it.

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