Chromebook nailed after the Chrome OS update?

Chromebook nailed after the Chrome OS update?
Headache for some Chromebook owners: Several feedbacks describe abnormal resource consumption triggered by an update to the Chrome OS operating system released a few days ago. Here's what a user reports on the official support pages.

My Chromebook recently used a lot of resources by cranking the fans to full speed due to an operation labeled “Service: vending: download_service "which uses over 95% of the CPU.

Chrome OS: a bug pushes the Chromebook to 100%

At the moment Google has not officially intervened to make the cause of the problem, but looking at the screenshot below of the Task Manager there seems to be little doubt.

This is the process that manages the download and automatic application of updates: it absorbs almost every available resource causing an inevitable decrease in performance and a consequent overheating of the computer, without forgetting the consumption which significantly reduces battery life. For the moment, the Mountain View group has limited itself to asking users to rely on tools integrated into the operating system to send reports, so that through the logs it is possible to have a sufficient number of feedbacks to intervene in a short time. >
The recent update to version 85 of the platform has brought with it improvements in password management, multimedia content playback and webcam control. Recall that for enterprise users the virtualization of Windows applications is also coming thanks to the partnership with Parallels.

Source: Google

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