Star Wars X Pandora: jewels from a distant galaxy are coming ...

Star Wars X Pandora: jewels from a distant galaxy are coming ...
Coming from a galaxy far away, a Pandora collection dedicated to Star Wars. Thanks to this collection, fans of the saga created by George Lucas will be able to wear personalized jewelry with some of the most iconic symbols of pop culture. The announcement was made by Pandora with a post on its Facebook page.

The new Star Wars X Pandora collection will be available starting from October 1, 2020, but for the Danish jewelry manufacturer no it will be the first time it will deal with this important license, in fact in the past Pandora had already made some Star Wars themed charms. However, these were exclusive products, marketed in the boutiques inside the US Disney parks. In this sense, the new Star Wars X Pandora collection will not be a journey into uncharted territory.

At the moment the official images of the products have not yet been released, however on the sites and pages specialized in collecting these bijoux it is possible to have a preview of the subjects that make up the collection.

The capsule collection will consist of at least 8 charms, made of metal and enamels, which will reproduce characters and classic motifs of the saga, such as the logo, the helmet of Darth Vader, the droids (R2-D2, C-3PO) and BB-8) and Chewbacca. The individual charms will be able to adorn a special bracelet with closure that will replicate, once again, the famous logo.

Stephen Fairchild, Pandora's Chief Creative Officer, said that this collection, created in collaboration with Lucasfilm, represents a great honor, as the galaxy that animates this saga is one of the most imaginative ever created. For Fairchild, Pandora jewels will be available to the creativity of enthusiasts, who will be able to compose a bracelet or a pendant capable of reflecting the stories and passions of every fan of the saga.

If you do not yet have the complete collection of Star Wars movie, you can provide the complete box set that you can buy by clicking on this link.

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