Xbox Series X will not be the last Microsoft console, word of Phil Spencer

Xbox Series X will not be the last Microsoft console, word of Phil Spencer
Despite the great attention paid to what will be the next generation videludica, where Microsoft and Sony will face each other with their respective Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, there are many users and professionals who are already wondering what it will be the future of gaming when even the new consoles will have to give way to something else. The increasing attention to the digital world, to streaming and - especially as regards Microsoft - to an offer that bases much of its potential on subscription services available on as many machines as possible, has in fact led many to hypothesize that the one in we are entering could be the last generation with some new purchasable consoles.

In truth, it must be said that the same doubts and fears were also expressed when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reached the market, but it is still clear that the way the user enjoys a video game is slowly changing. Well, the first who wanted to answer the incessant questions of the videogame people was Phil Spencer, who reassured the minds by letting it know that Microsoft is already thinking about the console that will come after Xbox Series X / S, albeit the strategies of the American company. have actually been changing in recent years. In particular, Spencer stated:

“Our goal has now become to put the player at the center of everything, rather than the device. You can realize this with any media, TV now follows me everywhere I go and the same happens for music. We have total control of these experiences and I believe that gaming will transform in the same way, which is why Game Pass subscribers can play on countless devices via streaming. However, I firmly believe that we will also see the arrival of new consoles, after all, for other media, the arrival of the streaming world has not cut the road to innovation. I believe that others will come, this is what we have planned ”.

In short, for Phil Spencer, the world of consoles is far from near its end and we will most likely see the future arrival of new Microsoft consoles - and most likely, the same will also happen at Sony and Nintendo - when the two Xbox Series X / S will have to step aside. At this point, however, it will be interesting to see if even in this generation we will see the presentation of mid-gen consoles designed to improve the general gaming experience of the public.

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